Solar Powah!!!

So solar panels today are really bad. If all the energy from the sun hitting the Earth was captured, it would power all our needs in under five minutes. But, the problem is that solar panels are too small. What if… We sent a huge solar panel array into space, and close enough to send […]

Revisions for the Dimensions!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys! Guess who’s back! It’s David, with your weekly vitamins!!!!!!!!!   Okay, so I was thinking about the dimensions again, and I remembered something and then started questioning it.   Remember my toy helicopter reference/analogy? So I thought about it and, wow, I was wrong!   So I said that the helicopter hovering in place […]

Paradoxes!!! What You’ve All Been Waiting For!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo, *dddrrruuummmrrrooollllll…* WHAT YOU’VE ALL (or not 🙁      ) BEEN WAITING FFFOOORRR……… PARADOXES!!!!!!!!! So paradoxes are when someone goes back into time to the past to change something that already happened, like stopping the assassination of JFK, it causes a rift in the space time continuum, which is bad, because if you stopped his assassination, the […]

Back to the Future in my Time Machine!!!

Welcome back to David’s Blog for your weekly supplement of vitamin smartness!!! Directions: To be taken visually, once a week, reading thoroughly and completely, and washed down with a glass of comments and blog subscriptions! Questions? Concerns? Comment on the toll-free line below!!! ————————— There are time machines everywhere, going back in time, into the […]

Dust II !!!

So guys, I was thinking about my other post before this about dust, and I had an epiphany: So dust burns very quickly, as lint does, so we can deduce that, but coal burns slowly with more heat. Therefore, coal can produce more energy. When dust burns up, you’re left cold and with a bunch […]


Isn’t dust flammable? So, what if we took something that is an annoyance and we use it for energy (like coal)? Because lint is super flammable, and and lint and dust are made out of the same things, right? (Hint-yes!) So why not just use it as fuel to power plants? Post your comments and […]


So, would air that is more compressed be more buoyant than air under less pressure, or would they be the same? Like if we had a quart of super compressed air and a bag of regular air (at normal atmospheric pressure — sea level) which one would be harder to be pushed underwater? Because both […]

Black Holes!

This is an awesome article on black holes! See, black holes are very, very, interesting, very, very, little thingssssssss. Black holes might be the entrance to another universe, but enough of that (=more of that later!) or they could be a portal to another part of the universe. The universe is four dimensional (last post) […]


Velcomm to ze blog… OF MEH!!! (like that makes a difference) Anyways (what is the point of that word?), I vant to talk about dimensionsssssssssss. Because last night I was thinking about them and I thought dis up: For example purposes, let’s use a helicopter. The first dimension would be like the helicopter hovering in […]