Open Letter to my Parents


I know that I may not show it all the time or tell you this, but I am thankful for all you guys. I love having you guys around and I can’t think what I would do without y’all.

You guys are always there for me. You are always happy to help me on anything. When I need some guidance on my homework, Dad, you are always ready to help. Or when I want some company or want to do something, Mom, you are are always so friendly and entertaining.

I appreciate your knowledge and your mental and physical strength. I remember one time I was having a problem downloading something on my computer. When I asked you for help, Dad, you knew EXACTLY what to do.
You opened that program and that folder in Documents and went through all this stuff in a heartbeat. You always know what to do in every situation, and you always think on your feet.
I also remember when I was younger you and I, Mom, were doing a drawing session and I was having so much trouble drawing a house (I was trying to draw the Lake House) .
I got so frustrated and you calmly came over and drew a perfect house. You showed me how to draw shadows and make it 3D. You are so knowledgeable about drawing and art.

I appreciate everything in which y’all partake. I’m proud that you both have specific interests and specialties. Mom, I love seeing you have an interest in interior design and art: specifically designing hair salons:) and calligraphy.
Dad, I think it’s really interesting that you do trading and stock marketing,
and you have taught me lots about finance.
I’m also proud that you guys are very diverse and open to many things.

Lastly, thank you for everything you’ve given me.
Thank you for providing me with a room and bed and clothes.
Thank you for feeding me and taking me to ice cream.
Thank you for letting me play/do all of the things I like.
Thank you for taking me places and showing me the world.
Thanks for everything, and y’all are the best.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This blog post will be about the upcoming Star Wars Episode Last Jedi. I am really excited for it because it will explain Rey’s background and it will show Luke training her.

The teaser trailer came out a couple days ago and the movie looks really exciting. I like that Disney added in the scene looking at the back of Leia because you can hear very faintly a audio clip from A New Hope her saying “help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you’re my only hope.” Before they show Leia, there is a scene where Luke is training Rey and he says, “Open your mind,what do you see?” And right as Rey says “The light in the Force” it shows Leia, meaning she represents the light side.

Then, carrying on in Rey’s force vision she says “The Dark Side.” And it shows Kylo Rens mask. This shows that Kylo represents the dark side. But it isn’t just his regular mask, it is burned and twisted and smoking, almost like when Kylo talks to Darth Vaders burned mask in the Force Awakens. I really like this parallelism, and might it be hinting that Kylo might turn back to the light just as Vader did? Also, when his mask is being showed, you can faintly hear Darth Vaders breathing just like Leia’s clip from a New Hope.

Lastly, Rey’s finishes her force vision saying, “The Balance,” and it shows this huge, monestary-looking tree that looks like an old learning sanctuary. Here you can faintly hear Yoda saying, “He was seduced by the dark side.” Can this be hinting that someone major could turn to the Dark Side???

I’m so excited for this movie and can wait till it comes out.

Why I’m Excited for Summer/Where I Want to Go

I’m excited for Summer!! In summer everything is so fun because you have all freedom. In summer there is no time to wake up, no curfew for bed. In summer the weather gets nicer, times get funner, and things are better.

I’m excited for summer because we usually go to an exotic place like Cali or Atlanta. This summer it would be awesome to go to Europe someplace or somewhere in South America. It would be really cool to go to Spain but I would have to make sure and use ‘vosotros’ instead of ‘ustedes’. Anyway, I did a Spanish project about   Spanish speaking places and I did Madrid, and it had all sorts of cool gardens and old architecture. I’d also like to go to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica looks really cool because it looks very natural and exotic and it would be really cool to stay in a cabana in the middle of a rainforest.

Another reason I’d like to go to another country is because the plane ride. I love long plane ride and I think they’re very interesting. Getting to the airport and setting up the flight and waiting is sooo fun. I also think planes are a great place to have solitude and to cozy up with a movie.

Thanks for listening, and comment where you’d like to go in the summer!

Why I Love Basketball

Basketball has made a huge impact on my life. LeBron James, KD, Micheal Jordan, these are all people who I look up to and I think they’re really impressive. I think basketball is a great sport.

    There isn’t anything like running coast to coast to make that insane scoop that just shouldn’t have gone in. The sport is just so exhilarating and it moves at such a fast pace and that is a main reason why I love it. The adrenaline you get when you see the big center chasing you around is like a dam just burst inside of me and it flows through me. I think one thing that really drives me to play hard is that when you make a great play, you feel so good and it pushes you to make more plays.

Another reason I love this sport is that it is so centered around superstars. You can honestly have the mindset that you want to DOMINATE and go do it!! You can be a short 5 footer and still blow by everyone and score. Now you may be wondering why soccer isn’t my favorite sport, becasuse you run lots in soccer and you don’t have to be big. Now don’t get me wrong, I love soccer, but basketball is still more star-centered. Also, you can control the game a lot more, being able to score at will. In soccer, scoring is rare and big plays really aren’t a thing.

Basketball is a huge thing in my life, and Ill continue to play it forever!

(We had to do an expository post this week, but next ill do Big Black #3)

The Big Black #2

The year is 2177.” Spark said.

It had been two days since I had awoken, and Spark wouldnt answer all my questions until now. So far I only knew that we were 17000 miles above Mars. And that the year is 2177, of course.

“In the year 2017, in the month March, scientists working for NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, found that the Sun, the big red ba-”
“Yes, I know what the Sun is.”

“Ahem, ok then, they found that the Sun was growing at 100000 times the rate that it was predicted, due to an electromagnetic wave hitting it, charging its growth.” Spark paused, letting me take it all in.

“Now, 160 years later, NASA has sent out this craft to search for other planets to inhabit. “Spark finished.

“Thats it? Thats what I’m here for? Why did you say ‘I just dont know how you floated in space for that long’?”I stated

“Well, that you are also a test subject for NASA. They have modified your lungs and skin to be harder, more durable, and compatible for space. NASA sent me up here to look for planets, but also to test you. Every three days, I throw you into space for increasing amounts of time. The last time I did that, three days ago, you got hit by debris in the head. Hard. And you have amnesia. Oh yeah, that reminds me, we havent done our test for today.”

“Whaaa-” I stammered

But before I could finish, I saw Spark shoot grapples to the walls to hang on. I stood up to run, but the moving door opened behind me, and I was sucked into the Big Black.

The Super Bowl

I’m pretty excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday. The Falcons v.s the Patriots is and exciting matchup because the Falcons have never won a Super Bowl and the Patriots always do. Did you know that the Pats have more playoff wins in the 21st century than 11 other teams combined? Anyway, I or my family don’t watch much NFL, but I am excited for this matchup because the Falcons are one of my favorite teams because I lived in Georgia for    five years.

I think that the Falcons will win because they have lots of passing threats that will be too explosive for the Patriots. Also, the Patriots only weapon is Brady’s five yard slant pass to Edelman. The falcons have an explosive offense while the Patriots have a slower more disciplined offense.

My brother is inviting over about 10 of his friends for his Super Bowl party. I’m excited for that, too! This week my basketball team beat Dripping Springs by 3. We played really well and if we made one-third the layups me missed, we would’ve won by double digits.

Ill be writing the second part to The Big Black early next week, so stay tuned!

The Big Black

I woke up in a hard sweat. My eyes started to focus as sweat dripped into my eyes and ears. Blinking and wiping at them, my eyes felt tired and my eyelids were drooping. As I lift my head up, I see a puncture in my arm. What was that from? I now put my hands behind my body to push myself up. Around me are computers. And windows. And lots and lots and lots of black with little white specks. And the occasional robot.

I  stand off the bed and see that my hands were bound but the cords were cut. But now thinking about it, I cant remember how I got there. Who am I? I cant remember. I cant remember where I am. I cant remember my friends. My family. My house. My name.

One of the robots that had 8 legs and moved towards me. It now stood up on 4 legs and came up to my head.”My name is S.P.A.R.K, or Subordinate-Paramedic-Auxiliary-Robot-Killer, but you can call me Spark.” The robot spoke in a kind, childish voice, and had thin eyes and a no mouth. Its head was sprouting right from its abdomen. “Where am I?” I asked. My voice was deep and hoarse, but I had no explanation for it. “Right now we are currently 17,937.7697623987 mile above Mars.”

The words hit me like a ball to the   stomach. Mars? Where have I been? “Who am I.” I asked. “My patient.” He replied simply. “Why cant I remember who I am? Who are you subordinate to? Why are we at MARS!? I thought we were only able to go to the moon! Where is everybody els-.” Spark interrupted,”Calm yourself, all your questions will be answered in good time. I  just don’t how you floated in space for that long…”


Week Update(Football/Basketball)

On Monday, Alabama played Clemson in the College Football Championship.  But because of a couple of  plays, Clemson won. Two of Clemsons touchdowns were pick plays, where the receiver basically threw himself into the corner back/s so the other receiver could get open.

First off, I think that those plays shouldn’t be legal because Clemson is basically forcing the refs to make a decision on whether to call it or not. This shouldn’t be legal because you could just do it every time and you would get a guaranteed five yards. Its so hard to stop and easy to draw up and execute. I think you could modify them to be legal, though. If the receivers in any way throw themselves into the DBs or hold them in any way that’s immediately a flag. It can be legal, though, to set, like basketball, a non moving screen. You can spread out your arms to block the DB, but you cant move. If you moved, this would be called ”
Illegal Screening, Offense, 10 yard penalty, replay third down.”But props to Clemson for winning and taking advantage of there being no rules on this matter.

Moving on, yesterday, my basketball team beat Hudson Bend 48-30 . We played really well and we counldnt  really execute our plays, but we played great defense and our press was amazing. That’s all for this week! See ya next time!

Week Update(mostly Basketball)

This week my basketball team has a basketball tournament. I am excited for this because it’s my teams first tournament and also I  think our team is very skilled and we have a great chance to win it all. It’s at San Marcos High School, and I think we play two or three times. I’m also excited because I get to hang out with the whole team and also I love the atmosphere of basketball, and the excitement. After the tourney, I go to tryouts at the WACC, and there I will do scrimmages and other skill tests.

Next week we have a band Christmas concert. I am excited for this as well. The songs we are playing are really cool, and I think the best one is Carol of the Bells/Greensleeves.

For winter break I think I might be going down to Fort Worth to see my aunts and uncles. Other than that, Ill be hanging out with my family, playing PS4, or watching movies. See you next week!

My Poem-In this Game We Play

This Game We Play
In this Game of life,
the strategy is such an art.
the court is your family,
the ball is your heart
poor aims,
close games
all a part of this game
but you must know
that there is no easy road
to the Hall of Fame

Sunday evenings,
Friday nights,
this is our game day.
So much energy stored all up,
in this Game we play.

The final seconds say the clock,
up at the line,
with no little amount of shock.
“1 to tie, 2 to win”, says the scoreboard.
“Boo! Miss the shot!” Says the massive Horde.

For when you make both shots,
and the crowd be roarin,
deep inside,
your heart be soarin’…
In this Game we play.


I wrote about my love of basketball and how life’s just a game. I selected this because I thought it would be a unique view on basketball, and an exciting ending. I added more clarity to the poem in the last stanza and I also split the poem up. This added more emotion to the poem and was more understandable. I thought, looking back, that my poem could have not had such an abrupt change in mental understanding of the Game and then suddenly changing to a physical appearance on the court. I hope that readers will get the feeling and atmosphere of the game, and that this would leave them inspired about basketball.