I am scout I love Football I used to play flag Football and then touch Football and now I play tackle Football My favorite sport of all is Baseball I played Baceball for 5 years.

Dirt bikes

I love dirt bikes. I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 5. My favorite part about riding my dirt bike is hiting the jumps. I am *going to get another dirt bike so me and Ryan can ride . Ryan is a really good friend me and him love dirt bikes.

Dairy of a wimpy kid

I am reading diary of a wimpy kid. the main character is Gregory he is really funny and he never want to go to school his friend is Reilly. He is at his house mostly playing video games and he also go to Reilly house to play video games at school he is always bored Gregory found a box in the grond for the past.  him and Reilly wanted to get a box and Baire a hole and put it in the hole and they want someone from the frutcher and they want to get someone to come back in time so they could be rich

Best catchtes in football

Because I leaned how to catch better and I can tech other peple to catch better. I leaned how to get better at football and I can tech other people to  be good. If you practice and practice you get better and better at Football.  I you want to lean more go to this site.