The Resistance Chapter 11; The Fall Of Satellite 5

The alarm says loudly, “warning, extraterrestrial life forms entering the satellite!”

“Ok guys,” I say trying not to show I’m worried, “we have to get to our ship or one of the multiple person escape pods.”
“But how will we do that,” Jack says, “there are guards everywhere in this place and not to mention the aliens.”
“Don’t worry,” I say, “guards will only be trying to escape before the aliens kill them.”
“Ok,” Josh says, “then head to the the elevator and quickly.”
As the elevator door opens we notice that there is a man inside, but the first thing we notice is his pitch black, non-blinking, soul-less eyes staring directly at us, and also he is starting to walk toward us.
Before anyone could react I yell, “run!”
We run as fast as our legs can take us not looking back, but when we slow down and looked back to see if we escaped him, I see an army of mind controlled zombies chasing us at ridiculous speeds.
“Ok guys,” I say, “they are about 4 minutes from getting here, let’s see what we have.”
I open my backpack and I unexpectedly found 3 retractable energy swords.
“Ok,” Josh says, “that was easy.”
As we slay the zombified soldiers, we head to the engine room and disable the orbit thrusters so the satellite will come crashing down to earth. While that is happening we will be running as fast as we can to get to our ship, and once all of that happens the galaxy will be saved.

The Resistance Chapter 10;

“The vent next to me leads straight into the janitor’s closet!”
We enter the janitor’s closet.

As they walk up to the door to leave, I frantically tell them to stop!
“By now they probably know we have escaped,” I say. “So they will be searching 24/7 for us.”
“And don’t forget about the bounty hunters,” says Jack,
“What bounty hunters?” I ask.
“They are giving a reward to whoever brings us to him,” Jack says.
“That means we have to be even more careful now,” I say worried.
As I motion them towards the door, we hear a massive explosion, and a few minutes later the alarm starts to go off.
“Warning,” says the alarm, “warning, the south exit has been shot with a missile.”
“Warning, oxygen levels decreasing rapidly in floors 1 – 100,” says the alarm, “please evacuate floors 1 – 100,”
“BEEP, BEEP, warning,” says the alarm loudly, “warning, extraterrestrial life forms entering the satellite!”

The Resistance Chapter 9;

The guards surround us and tie us up, so we can’t fight back.  Then they imprison us in a jail cell.

“Hey Charlie,” says Jack, “how are we going to escape?”

“I don’t know,” I say while pacing around the room.

“Well,” I whisper, “that guard over there has keys to this room.”

“I think that if you get him to come over here,” I whisper, “I could snatch it when he isn’t looking.

 “Ok,” says Jack, “that’s the plan.”

“Hey Josh,” I say.

“Earth to Josh,” Jack says sarcastically.

“He has been sitting there for the past couple hours,” Jack says.

“Oh!” Josh says, “hey guys.”

“I have been staring at this vent.  I swear I recognize it from somewhere,” he says.

“How could you recognize it?” I ask.  “We have never been to this part of the satellite before.”

“Oh, now I remember.” Josh says. “Remember when we were in the janitor’s closet?  Well I saw a blue print of the ventilation system, and I saw that the vent next to me leads straight into the janitor’s closet!”

Welcome Home


I saw him coming up the street,
So spent and weary that his feet
Seemed like two heavy weights of lead;
Ah, he had known so hard a day,
Small wonder that he looked that way,
And slouched along with drooping head!
Then, suddenly, with frantic shout,
A little yellow dog rushed out
A yard, to greet the tired man;
He licked his hands, he kissed his face,
Then dashed ahead in eager race,
Then back again he gaily ran!

The tired worker laughed aloud,
Straightened his shoulders; through the crowd
Pressed on; his feet seemed to take wings
So fast he walked as he went up
The street toward home the yellow pup
All joyous leaps and caperings.

O little dog so fond and true,
Much good in life you surely do
When you can make a man so spent
Forget fatigue — make him so glad
He acts like any madcap lad,
And laughs aloud with merriment!

Louella C. Poole


Pixabay CCO

I like this poem because it is about how a dog is always happy to see you. This poem reminds me of my dogs that always cheer me up when I’m sad. I like how she wrote the poem in a third person’s point of view. I liked her description of the man and how the dog greeted him when he came back from work.

3 of the biggest parks in Texas

If you are after the adrenaline from going down a massive roller-coaster, shooting through epic water-slides, or even watching awesome sea creatures swim right before your eyes! then you should read this post and comment on which park you like the most. 🙂

6 Flags Over Texas

6 Flags is a place for the thrill seeker in you.  Whether you are a small toddler to a grandparent, there is a ride for you, and no matter which ride you go on you will have fun. 

roller-coasterpixabay CCO

Sea World

Sea world is pretty much a massive aquarium and you can watch amphibians from a small turtle to a massive shark. There is even a section in the park that you watch dolphins doing tricks.  While they are doing that, you are getting soaked with water by their flippers.

aquarium-725798_1920pixabay CCO


Schlitterbahn is most likely one of the biggest water parks in all of America.  It consists of 2 different parks, including the old park with cold lake water and the new park with warm water with chlorine.  Also the prices might be a little expensive, but all of the waterslides make up for it and this is one vacation you will never forget!

amusement-park-237200_1920 pixabay CCO

Resistance Chapter 8; When Everything Falls Apart

Just as we stand up we see the guards come out from behind the pillars and then he comes out.
“You think that you could get away with it,” I say. “We know your plan.”
“Did you really think that I didn’t know that.” He says.
“Your rule is about to end,” I say. “Your devastating rule has led to the corruption of Earth.”
“You have gotten in my way for far too long!” He yells.
“Now it is time,” he says. “With you out of my way there will be nothing in the galaxy that can stop me!”
“Since my guards failed to kill you,” he says, “I guess that I will have to do it myself!”
“Guards lock them up,” he says.
The guards surround us and tie us up, so we can’t fight back.  Then they imprison us in a jail cell.

Resistance Chapter 7; The Wanted Entrance

“Guys,” I say. “Watch your step, one wrong move and we will be toast.”
“Ok,” they say.
We slowly walk towards a vent and climb in and head to his office.
“Guys, recently he added foot coolers to the bottom of his desk,” I say. “I think that we can get through the vents and out there.”
“Great!” they say.
We start to head there. We are directly above his office. We hear a creaking noise coming from the vents. Then too fast for us to react, the vent collapses and we fall into the center of his office.
“Ouch!” I say, “That hurt!”
Just as we stand up, we see the guards come out from behind the pillars. Then he comes out.

The Resistance Chapter 6; The Arrival at Floor 500

“Ding!” goes the elevator. We enter Floor 23.
“Welcome to Floor 23,” I say excitedly.
“There they are!” a guard shouts.
They start shooting at us, and they kill Zain.
“No!” I shout, “Zain!”
We sprint to my desk and hide in its secret compartment elevator and slowly we start heading up.
Floor 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and it stops. The passage opens into the back of the janitor’s closet. We would have opened it if the door wasn’t barricaded with cleaning supplies.
“Hey Josh, do you still have that pocket laser with you?” I ask.
“Yeah,” he says, “here.”
He gives it to me. I point it at the door and it begins cutting through it.
We start crawling through the cleaning supplies.
We exit the closet.

The Resistance Chapter 5; Welcome to Satellite 5

“BRACE FOR IMPACT!” shouts Jack.
“Prepare to be boarded!” I shout.
“Everyone hide!” shouts Zain.
“Attack on my signal” I say.
The guards enter the ship.
“Show yourselves!” they yell.
They split up, and as they do that we escape the ship.
“Welcome to Satellite 5, the largest space station in the known Galaxy!” I say heroically.
“Whisper!” Josh says,”this place is crawling with guards.”
We go to the elevator. “Go to floor 23,” I tell them.
“Why? We need to go to floor 500,” Zain says.
“Floor 500 requires a bypass code,” I say, “we don’t have a bypass code and my desk has a secret entrance to floor 500.”
“Ok!” they say excitedly.
“Did anyone bring the energon crystals?” I ask.
“We thought you did,” they say.
“Everyone take off your suits, without power they are useless,” I say.
“Ding!” goes the elevator. We enter floor 23.

The Resistance Chapter 4; The End of the Beginning

“Now it’s time to end this, once and for all!” The guards shoot…
3 months later.

I wake up in a bed, 3 people are in this room which include: Josh, Jack, and Zain (they are all in the resistance).
“Welcome back commander,” says Jack,”you are lucky that only 3 bullets hit you.”
“Where are we?” I ask.
“We are in the Helix nebula,” Josh says.
“What planet are we on?” I ask.
“We are not on a planet, but we are orbiting planet Redshift-7 though,” says Zain.
“Are we close to satellite 5?” I ask.
“If you want to get back there it would take about a year,” says Josh “but with the hyperdrive we could get there in mere minutes.”
“Great, charge it up then.” I demand.
“Ok commander” they all say.
“3 2 1, NOW!” says Jack and we shoot towards Satellite 5 at warp speed.
“Ok guys, we are here,” says Zain.
“Everyone get your weapons and energon suits” I say.
“Guys.” Jack says with uncertainty.
“They spotted us and they are pulling us in with their tractor beam very fast!” Shouts jack