Month: November 2014

Wildlife Bus Tour 2014

On November 14th, I went on the Wyldlife Bus Tour and had a blast. The Wyldlife Bus Tour is done by a church service called Young Life Austin West. I went because I’m part of a bible study group.

When we arrived to the bus pick-up, we had to attend a church meeting first. Thanks to my bible study leader, I was offered to dance on the stage in a banana costume with her and another one of my friends. We had to dance to a song about bananas. It was a very strange experience to start the night off with.

Once the meeting was over, we started to board our group’s bus. The bus ride was filled with 7th grade girls chanting camp cheers and singing songs. It was extremely loud and exciting.

Our first stop of the night was Jumpstreet. The first thing I did was ride the electronic bull. I almost got to 30 seconds, but I decided to give up at 27. Next my friends and I started to play dodgeball. I was too afraid to throw the ball, so I just tried to dodge them the whole time.

After jumping around for a while, it was time to leave Jumpstreet and head to Main Event. The bus ride was the same as it was to Jumpstreet: Loud and exciting.

We finally arrived to Main Event and most of my friends went to rock climbing, but I wasn’t very interested. I just went to the arcade and walked around with another one of my friends.

Thanksgiving Plans

Next week, as you may know, is Thanksgiving! I’m so excited to see my whole family, eat delicious food, and make everlasting memories.

This year, my family and I are flying to Jackson, Mississippi. Once we get there on Wednesday, we will drive to our cabin, get settled in, and start preparing everything. The only struggle about doing all of this is containing our excitement for the next day.

Once Thanksgiving arrives, we make sure everything is in place and the food tastes great. After that, the rest of my family starts to arrive. There is a lot of us, so it usually gets very loud and crowded. Everyone is just hanging out and having a great time, but, soon, everyone gets hungry and the feast begins.

The kitchen is always filled with varieties of food. We couldn’t have cooked all of it, so some of our family brings their own food. When getting your plate of food, you have to try to be the first or most of the good stuff will run out. The early bird gets the worm, I guess.

After everyone is done eating, the amount of people decreases over an hour or two. Every year, I get sad to see it even over already.

We will say our goodbyes and, sadly, start to clean up. Every year is always a blast no matter what. I can’t wait to see what this year brings…

Cold Weather!

Finally! The moment I’ve been waiting for all year! The cold weather has arrived!

The time of the year when the cold air comes in is my favorite for multiple reasons. First, we live in Texas, so this doesn’t happen a lot throughout the year. Second, it means that I can finally wear sweaters, drink hot chocolate, wear cozy boots, and roast marshmallows around the fire. The only down side to the cold weather (that I can think of) is all of the summer clothes I have to throw out, but that isn’t very bad.

Some of my favorite things to do during the cool weather is to go ice-skating, shopping, go to the park, or just hang out with friends. Not only does the cold air bring new activities, but some of the best holidays. For me, those holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving. All of the great foods, presents, Christmas carols, and spending time with family brighten my mood instantly.

I’m so excited for everything the cold breeze brings with it and I hope y’all have a great time too.


On Saturday, Nov. 8, I went to Blackout at House of Torment.

At Blackout, after waiting in line of course, they send you into the darkness of the maze. Even in the first hallway my friends and I went through, the actors were everywhere. The maze was filled with turns, and, I’ll admit, I ran into probably about 15 walls while inside.

It took my group and I about 40 minutes to finally complete the maze. Although it was very confusing and pretty scary, I had a blast that night. I wish I could do it all over again and again, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year…

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