Month: December 2014

Christmas Poem

Laughter fills the room
Colorful presents quietly waiting underneath the tree
Yummy breakfast cooking in the next room
A warm, cozy fire waving in the fireplace
Christmas stockings hanging above the fireplace,
Over filled with candy
Never-ending Christmas carols playing in the background
The world has extra happiness on this day
Christmas has arrived

She’s Home!

Over Thanksgiving, my older sister came home to celebrate from Mississippi. My whole family is so happy she came to visit and we missed her so much while she was gone.

My sister attends college at Ole Miss and felt the need for a visit home. My sister enjoys surfing on our lake and taking rides on our boat. I would come back too if I were her.

The only downside I can think of with her coming back is all of her college friends coming and going through our house. It gets very loud when her friends come over. Luckily, we are flying to Mississippi again tomorrow, so we won’t have to deal with all the crazy college kids.

Even though her visits attract her friends, we are so happy she is so close to us and agreed to spend Thanksgiving with us in Mississippi.

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