Month: January 2015

My Guinea Pig, Percy

My most favorite guinea pig ever is Percy (A.K.A. The World’s Most Manly Guinea Pig). He may have a destructive past, but I can’t stop loving him.

Killed off two guinea pigs…

Survived against a Bulldog…

And befriended a cat and 3 labs…

I swear this guinea pig has done it all.

Currently, Percy lives with 5 bunnies in our side yard. He used to live with 2 other guinea pigs inside of the house, but that wasn’t the best choice for a guinea pig like him.

We learned that Percy wasn’t a very good roommate for other guinea pigs when he decided to get in a fight with both of the other guinea pigs inside of the cage. This fight between these three guinea pigs resulted with two injured. Percy gave both of the other guinea pigs bite wounds which, sadly, soon became infected and were too much for the guinea pigs to handle. I did love those guinea pigs very much, but I learned to forgive Percy.

Percy is not only very hostile, but he is also extremely tough.

Over the summer, while my sister was in town, she had one of her friends over to sleepover. Her friend is definitely a dog lover, so she didn’t leave home without her dog, Chubbs. Chubbs is a very playful and adorable bulldog who loves to meet new people. Unfortunately, while Chubbs was staying the night, someone forgot to close the doggy door that opens into the side yard that Percy and two other bunnies were staying in. Of course, Chubbs got out into the yard and did what all other bulldogs would’ve done; attack the smaller animals. So, the next morning I went outside to feed Percy and the bunnies but, instead, found only Percy. We still haven’t found out where Chubbs had taken the two bunnies and how Percy survived even when he is much slower than the rabbits. After this incident, we eventually bought five new bunnies for Percy to bond with.

Not only does Percy have five other rabbits to chill out with, but we also own three labs and a cat. During his many indoor visits, Percy formed a relationship with these other animals. Now whenever I decide to bring Percy inside when it’s too hot or cold, I can let him freely roam the house without worry. The only downside to this? Cleaning up after his bathroom breaks.

So now I’ve told you what his past was like, but what could the future hold…



Technology. It’s something that is required for just about everyone in our generation.

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get away from technology. Even though I know how much I don’t want it, there is always that little urge inside of me that needs it. One moment, I’ll be vowing my mouth off about how I’m not going to use my phone at all this week. Then, in the next hour you’ll see me on the couch browsing Instagram.

I find escaping technology extremely hard when I’m at my house. About everywhere you look there is technology. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedrooms, upstairs, downstairs, etc. Because of all of this technology, going out with friends mostly consists of sitting in a restaurant staring at a small cell phone screen. Sometimes, I think technology has taken up my life.

Even though there are a lot of downsides to using technology, there is always some good in it, too. Online messaging helps you meet interesting new people. Posting pictures helps your share your interests with the world. When using Google, you learn new things. On a blog, you can freely share you opinion with others.

I hope I helped you realize things you didn’t realize before about this topic and feel free to share what you think in the comments!

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