The STAAR test; four strait hours of testing and boredom. I’m sure every student in school has worried or stressed out about the STAAR test at least one time throughout the school year.

I know I have done well on all the STAAR tests from the past, but each year, no matter what, I always get worried about how this year’s test is going to turn out like. I’ve been told by parents and other teachers that the STAAR test focuses on how well my own teacher has taught me and don’t stress about it, but I can’t help thinking that I’m either going to fail or get a horrible grade.

To make things even worse, I usually can’t get any sleep the night before testing because of all the stress filling my body. I understand I should put a bigger effort to relax my mind and body with like deep breathing, except I can never find the time for it because of studying, after school activities, etc. STAAR testing is definitely my least favorite time of the school year.

Many different people like or dislike the STAAR test for many different reasons, but once the STAAR test comes around for me, I can only think of bad things no matter how hard I try. The closest I can get to a good thing would either be the food or the sleeping after. Think about it, what good things can come from STAAR?

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