Color. It makes our lives a little more exciting each day. What color clothes we are going to wear, what color pen to use in class, or what color car to buy when we are older. Without color, we wouldn’t have as many choices. Life without color would be dull and boring.

Color doesn’t just provide great choices, but it also provides different emotions and feelings for each color. For instance, if something is dark and gray, it might not make you feel as cheerful as a rainbow of tons of bright colors. In Louis Lowry’ book, The Giver, all of these choices and emotions are lost for the citizens. They’ve lost their sight for color and everything they see is black, white, and pretty uneventful. Without the color we see everyday, they don’t have the emotions and choices we experience.

I’m sure if everyone had a choice to live a world with or without color, just about every person would choose to live with color. When looking at the above pictures, it’s obvious which world would be more exciting and happier. Colors bring up many different things and opportunities in our life and without them, we definitely would have many downs instead of ups everyday.



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