Almond Fruit Bars

On Thursday, after school, I felt the sudden urge to bake, so I went online and searched for some new dessert recipes to try out. While searching, I came across some Almond Fruit Bars. They looked so delicious and I decided to try them out.

I wrote down all of the ingredients I needed, set them out, and began to mix them together. After I finished mixing the flour mixture, I started mixing the butter and sugars. This part was a little more difficult since the butter kept sticking to the electric mixer. I added the egg yolk and, eventually, the flour mix. I started to worry if I messed the recipe up as I gradually mixed the flour in because of how dry and separated they became. It started to look like big chunks of sand in a bowl. I continued to mix everything in and hoped for the best.

Once the dough was done, I got out the jam and started to whisk it. Then, I took the crumbled dough and started pressing half of it into the bottom of the pan. After that was done, I spread the jam on top of it, avoiding the edges. As I was spreading the jam onto the dough, it kept sticking to the crumbles and made it look like a mess. I proceeded to attempt to fix it by just finishing the recipe and try to figure out what I did wrong.

I sprinkled the rest of the sandy dough on the jam layer and, once the dough was thick enough, the recipe said to push it down into the pan. I felt to gooey jam slowly break through the top layer of dough and reach my fingers. Gross.

At this point of baking, I had almost given up. I placed the baking pan into the oven and waited 25 minutes for them to cook.

I could smell the amazing cinnamon aroma fill the kitchen. I opened the oven and peaked inside. They looked so perfect! I took them out and waited for them to cool.

The fruit bars tasted amazing and I was so happy I didn’t toss them out while making them. I was so proud of myself and what I had made!


I love to bake. I’ll do it whenever I’m bored or hanging out with friends.  When it comes to baking, the possibilities are endless.

This weekend, I’m volunteering at a bake sale for my elementary school. I’m going to try and use the technique that they used in the video and try to make rainbow cupcakes. Another good thing about baking is that even the most basic recipes are fun. When I want something easy and quick to bake I just make Original NESTLE Chocolate Chip cookies.

This video shows a fun recipe to try out:

Update: The rainbow cupcakes were a success.


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