Why Summer is the Best

A break from school, warmer weather, hanging out with friends– these are just a few reasons why summer is the best.

The endless homework, stressful tests, and angry teachers are all put to an end when summer comes around. There’s no more waking up at 7:00 a.m., or staying up late studying for that big test. Not only do you get more sleep, but you even get more freedom from all those teachers bossing you around. You finally get the three months of pure rest you’ve been waiting for the whole school year.

Summer also offers so many new opportunities to try new things, meet new people, and find new places. Summer camps are great places to experience these things. Sports camps, art camps, wake boarding camps–there are so many to sign up for and each one offers something different. Summer camps are definitely not the only option. Even just traveling to the simplest places offer all of these. Even just staying in your own city will do. All of these options could even find you a new goal or a life long hobby!

One personal reason for me to love summer the endless lake days. Spending time with your best friends, the hot sun on your face, and the music flowing into your ears. What could be better? Most of my summer days consist of waking up around 8:00 and hopping right onto the boat. When on the boat, the possibilities are endless. You could wake-surf, wakeboard, knee board, ski, or even just stay in the boat and enjoy the nice weather.

I can’t think of any reasons why summer wouldn’t be the best time of the year. Although some of these reasons aren’t for everyone, I think summer wouldn’t be the best season without them.

Is It Okay to Break Rules?

Everyone has broken a rule at some point. Breaking rules is certainly not a good thing, but sometimes, depending on the situation, you must break a rule for what is right.

During the Civil Rights Movement, many people of different races broke rules that were unfair. For example, when Rosa Parks was riding the bus, a white man told her to give up her seat to him, but she didn’t give it up. Although Rosa Parks did get arrested, she brought attention to this rule and accomplished it without violence. This law was unfair and the out come of breaking it was positive.

Not all rules are broken because something is unfair or wrong, but breaking certain rules can lead to something unique and creative. When writing a book or a poem, you can break the usual grammar rules. For instance, if a writer is trying to portray a character with spelling or writing errors, its okay to break those rules.

Although breaking some rules can lead to something great, breaking other rules may not turn out so well. If a rule is fair and gives off a positive effect, there is no reason to break it. So, if a rule is ‘Do not crash a car into a restaurant’, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to crash your car into a restaurant because, first of all, there is nothing negative about that rule and, second, you shouldn’t break a rule with violence.

There are times when rules deserve to be broken and times when they don’t, but, depending on the situation, it can be okay to break some rules.

Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework

An essay, a science packet, a double-sided math worksheet, and a social studies Keynote all due tomorrow.¬†Every student has come across the dreadful, everyday problem known as homework, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have any?

Students need more time for afterschool activities, spending time with family, and just taking a break from a busy day of school, but when they have about 100 worksheets of homework to complete, they don’t have time for all of those activities.¬† For example, I have to leave every morning around eight and, sometimes, don’t even have time to say goodbye to my parents. I stay at school for about eight hours and come home with a ton of homework due the next day. I spend most of the afternoon cooped up in my room completing the homework and only have about three hours to have dinner, hang out with my family, and go to bed. However, I do understand that homework helps to make sure the students don’t forget or loose focus of their school lessons, but is 8 hours of school every weekday not enough?

Not only do students not have very much time to do other activities because of homework, but they get way too much of it. When I come home, I usually have at least one sheet of homework for every subject. Some subjects are harder than others, so it takes me about an hour or so to finish, depending on the homework. Homework times are different for everyone, but the part of my afternoon that I look forward to the least is finishing all of my homework.

Most of my week consists of after school activities, so I usually get home pretty late and have to do my homework at the last second and end up staying up late just finishing homework. I constantly am waking up late in the morning or waking up exhausted because I went to bed late. I’ve heard this problem coming from my friends also many different times. So, not only is homework taking time away from after school activities, but, also, taking time away from stress-free sleep.

I think that it’s okay for students to have some homework, but just not too much. Although there are many reasons to have homework, this is just my opinion. Just think of how many students would be happier, more energized, and even healthier.

People Wear Masks in Different Ways

People may mask themselves with a plastic face, or people may mask what they’re really feeling on the inside with an opposite facial expression on the outside. People wear masks in many different ways.

When people put on a literal mask, it’s to disguise themselves from others. During Halloween, people pretend to be people they are not with costumes and masks. One year for Halloween, I wore a gorilla mask to hide my face and be something I’m not. When wearing a real mask, it can be entertaining to disguise yourself for a while.

Although certain masks are fun and joyful to wear, other masks come with a deeper meaning. Sometimes, masks can be figurative. People will put a fake emotion in their face to hide what they’re really feeling. For example, when someone is angry, or feeling down, they might try to conceal those feelings from others by putting on a smile or acting calm. Sometimes, I start feeling sad and try to hide that feeling from my friends by laughing and making jokes. Hiding what you feel on the inside form others is more difficult and harder to take off compared to disguising yourself behind a costume mask.

People wear masks in many different ways and everyone has worn their own at some point. Even though there are masks that are put on for fun, don’t be afraid to talk with people and share who you truly are or what your actually feeling.

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