Advice to Future 7th Graders

7th grade is probably the most difficult grade of middle school and possibly one of the most awkward, so it is my job as a 7th grade survivor to share some wise words that might just help the future 7th graders get through the school year.

  • Don’t stress over homework- I’ve had a lot of experience with this issue many times throughout the school year. Some of which even led to me getting so over stressed that I cry and just fall asleep right there. My advice is that if a teacher assigns you too much homework in such little time, try to make the most out of wildcat time, but if you find yourself at 11:00 p.m. almost falling asleep onto your homework, just go to bed and try your best to finish it in the morning. Your mind and your body being healthy is much more important than some math packet.
  • Don’t worry about the small things- I’ve already wasted so much time of my year worrying about the most unimportant things in my day like what to wear, how I should fix my hair, if my eyebrows look weird or not, etc. So, just don’t waste your time. It’s not worth it.
  • It doesn’t matter if you fit in or not- During 6th grade and at the beginning of 7th, fitting in took up a lot of space in my mind. I noticed that if you’re always struggling to fit in, you forget to add a bit of fun into your school year. If you aren’t always worried about what people think of you or how many friends you have then that gives you more time to really experience your 2nd year of middle school while you can because, trust me, it goes by way too fast. I suggest that you find more people you are comfortable with, enjoy to be around, and just have fun with them instead of pretending in order to “fit in”.

These may be just a few tips, but these will most likely help you have a great time and make it through the school year. Although these tips may make 7th grade sound worse than it really is, you will definitely have a blast and, sadly, before you know it, you’ll be heading to high school already, so enjoy it while you can.

Upcoming Six Flags Trip

This Friday, I am taking my first trip to Six Flags with my choir group for a school field trip. Although an opportunity like this is extremely exciting, I am filled with both joy and anxiety about this trip. Most of my body is filled with pure enthusiasm, but there is one little piece of nervousness underneath all of it.

I’m not exactly sure why I am even a little bit nervous about this trip considering the fact that I have ridden many roller coasters before this trip was mentioned and one of those roller coasters I rode twice. Okay, I am aware that I did chicken out at the Disney World Animal Kingdom ride, Mount Everest, but I am almost certain I can make it through this, but, now that I think about it, I felt the same way about the Disney ride before I actually got there.

I might have more doubt than what I say I have, but I know that, one way or another, I am going to have an amazing time at Six Flags. All I can do now is keep my fingers crossed I don’t change my mind on riding roller coasters right as we pull into the parking lot. Wish me luck!

STAAR Testing

The STAAR test; four strait hours of testing and boredom. I’m sure every student in school has worried or stressed out about the STAAR test at least one time throughout the school year.

I know I have done well on all the STAAR tests from the past, but each year, no matter what, I always get worried about how this year’s test is going to turn out like. I’ve been told by parents and other teachers that the STAAR test focuses on how well my own teacher has taught me and don’t stress about it, but I can’t help thinking that I’m either going to fail or get a horrible grade.

To make things even worse, I usually can’t get any sleep the night before testing because of all the stress filling my body. I understand I should put a bigger effort to relax my mind and body with like deep breathing, except I can never find the time for it because of studying, after school activities, etc. STAAR testing is definitely my least favorite time of the school year.

Many different people like or dislike the STAAR test for many different reasons, but once the STAAR test comes around for me, I can only think of bad things no matter how hard I try. The closest I can get to a good thing would either be the food or the sleeping after. Think about it, what good things can come from STAAR?

Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework

An essay, a science packet, a double-sided math worksheet, and a social studies Keynote all due tomorrow.¬†Every student has come across the dreadful, everyday problem known as homework, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have any?

Students need more time for afterschool activities, spending time with family, and just taking a break from a busy day of school, but when they have about 100 worksheets of homework to complete, they don’t have time for all of those activities.¬† For example, I have to leave every morning around eight and, sometimes, don’t even have time to say goodbye to my parents. I stay at school for about eight hours and come home with a ton of homework due the next day. I spend most of the afternoon cooped up in my room completing the homework and only have about three hours to have dinner, hang out with my family, and go to bed. However, I do understand that homework helps to make sure the students don’t forget or loose focus of their school lessons, but is 8 hours of school every weekday not enough?

Not only do students not have very much time to do other activities because of homework, but they get way too much of it. When I come home, I usually have at least one sheet of homework for every subject. Some subjects are harder than others, so it takes me about an hour or so to finish, depending on the homework. Homework times are different for everyone, but the part of my afternoon that I look forward to the least is finishing all of my homework.

Most of my week consists of after school activities, so I usually get home pretty late and have to do my homework at the last second and end up staying up late just finishing homework. I constantly am waking up late in the morning or waking up exhausted because I went to bed late. I’ve heard this problem coming from my friends also many different times. So, not only is homework taking time away from after school activities, but, also, taking time away from stress-free sleep.

I think that it’s okay for students to have some homework, but just not too much. Although there are many reasons to have homework, this is just my opinion. Just think of how many students would be happier, more energized, and even healthier.

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