Amanda jolted awake, her hair standing on end. A strange chilling sensation ran up her spine, causing her teeth to chatter, for goose bumps to develop. Why was the room so cold? It was barely fall, today it had been 75 degrees outside and she felt as if she was laying on a bed of ice. Her breath was pluming in little clouds around her face. Wondering if the air conditioning was malfunctioning, she quietly got out of bed. Her hairs were still standing on end, set off to find the thermostat, or close whatever door was open. The stairs were creaking under her feet, they hadn’t done that before. There has probably been a bad cold front, or something. Hitting the last step of the stairs she turned to check the front door, which was closed. Out of curiosity she touched the glass, expecting it to be freezing because of what must have been outrageously low temperatures, and instead found it to be a perfectly warm. The same chilling sensation ran down her spine. She turned around and saw…

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