The Phantom of the Opera: Team Raoul!

The Phantom of the Opera, a master piece of drama, love and of course, music. Those who have seen the play are familiar with the ever famous love triangle that involves Raoul, Christine and The Phantom (Erik). The main debate is who is better, Raoul or The Phantom? Well I am here to answer that question, with both my own opinions and the solid facts.

Raoul is mainly introduced when he sees Christine singing at an opera performance (“Think of Me”). The Phantom is introduced when we see him practically hypnotizing Christine (“Angel of Music”). Later in the show, both Raoul and The Phantom a sing love song to Christine. Raoul’s song is about love and light, forgetting your fears and stepping into the sun (“All I Ask of You”). The Phantom’s song is about abandoning reality and living in the darkness (“The Music of the Night”).

The Phantom is a murderer! From what we see in the 2004 movie, he kills at least three people! When we talk about The Phantom’s pitiful past, we overlook minor details, like his multiple homicides. In the ending, he is going to kill Raoul unless Christine agrees to love him (“My Dear I Think We Have A Guest”). Raoul on the other hand, is captured by The Phantom while trying to save Christine from The Phantom.

To discuss age, in the original plot, Christine is about 20 years old. Raoul is between 20-25 years of age. The Phantom however, is between 40-50 years old! The Phantom is at least 20 years older then Christine. Raoul is a little bit older than her, but not by much. In the 2004 movie, we have say that Christine is 16-17 because her grave says that she was born in 1854 and we know that the story takes place in 1870. Raoul is in the same age realm, 20-25, but the phantom was made much younger at around 30-35. Even in the 2004 movie, he is still about 15 years older than Christine!

Personally, I have always been very strongly Team Raoul. Unlike some people, I was very happy that the play ended with Raoul and Christine as the couple of choice. I think that the young, handsome hero is the better man then the creepy, ingenious stalker.

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  1. Um….not exactly. Raoul just used Christine to catch the Phantom, and it’s true that the Phantom did use Christine to catch Raoul. But the Phantom did it so he and Christine could be together. Raoul did it just to defeat the Phantom. Also, have you seen what happened to the Phantom when he was a boy? As for the age thing: if you really love someone, you can overcome anything. My parents are 12 years apart, but they still got married. Team Phantom all the way.

    • I understand what you are saying Pallavi, but the thing is that The Phantom also used Christine to capture Raoul, and he then held them both captive. Raoul was justified it trying to capture The Phantom while the The Phantom wasn’t. Raoul said “He will haunt us ’till we’re dead” meaning that the only way for them to be together in peace and save innocent lives was to, in fact, eliminate The Phantom. I believe a tragic and sad backstory doesn’t justify you for committing murders of innocent people, but it does provide fuel to the fire of an insanity. I do think you are right on the age thing though, but I am still team Raoul all the way!

  2. I’ve been called a musical genius (amung other things) by multiple people, and I’m also a grade A stalker. I also have little to no conscious, so if I were to theoretically kill someone (don’t take this the wrong way, I would never do such a thing) I would probably get over it pretty quickly, unless it was someone close to me. Of which none of Erik’s victims were to him nor Christine.

    • I’m not entirely sure what to mean by this TJ, but, from what I do get, your saying that Erik doesn’t feel guilty for killing someone who wasn’t close to him. That I feel is kind of the mark of a psychopath, but I’m going to leave your opinions up to you.

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