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The Narure of Canada

I feel sweat from the heat           Light beaming through the tops of the tall Canadian trees                                     with… Continue Reading →

Mountain Biking

I choose this picture because I love to mountain bike. I typically do trails similar to this but not as beautiful. Not only do I find  biking fun but just being able to explore and experience nature is really why… Continue Reading →

The Schroch Trials

The Schorch Trials are written by James Dashner and are set in a dystopian time where the sun has destroyed the earth with its unexpected flares. The earth is basically a large dessert and has strange weather. In the book… Continue Reading →

Did You Know That I Play Guitar?

This is not me but I learned how to play guitar a long time ago. I still play guitar and have learned a lot from it. This is a kid playing guitar and thats how I relate to it. Not… Continue Reading →

What I Did This Weekend

This weekend I made a knife. Not just any knife, I made a tanto blade knife. It had a 4.5 inch handle that was 1.5 inches thick. The handle had three holes a 1/4 of an inch thick to give… Continue Reading →

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