First Post

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I found out that I’m going to Beaver Creek, Colorado. I’m going there this spring, for spring break. My parents told me that I don’t have to take lessons and I can ski with them!

ISR Assignment

Looking for Alaska by John Green

The book I am reading is about a boy named Miles Halter, also known as Pudge. New to the boarding school, Culver Creek, he becomes friends with Chip Martin, A.K.A. The Colonel, Takumi, and the beautiful Alaska Young. Pining after Alaska, he agrees to things the old Miles would have never have. Going on adventures, pulling pranks, and  catching the eye of the Mr. Starnes, most known as the Eagle. His friends are a relief after a long day of classes. After planning a prank on the Eagle they relax with their friend Lara and play games. It’s all fun and games, until one day there is a sudden death. Trying to figure out whether it was really an accident, or if there was a deeper meaning, they conduct an investigation. Asking the people around them, and analyzing the clues will they find out why they died?