September 23


As some of you may have been  priorly informed, I was a gymnast for a prolonged amount of time. In gymnastics the rules are rather basic, however the amount of culture and detail placed into every routine is quite incredible. Now, if you have ever seen any form of gymnastics, which does include your five year old sister showing you a forward roll she spent 5 minutes trying to accomplish, to Simone biles doing a triple back layout into a double full from a front Ariel, then you should know that effort and strength are large components of this sport. There are also some strange rules included in gymnastics, for instance, if your hair comes down or if the little hairs on your head start coming off even though an unholy amount of hair gel has been used to glue them to your head, then you can get up to half a point off, so thats great

September 23

Metal Raindrops

When it rains metal raindrops.

Into homes and cities, into churches and schools, clubs and festivals.

When it rains metal raindrops

It glossed over Christian Riley Garcias eyes that bitter day at Santa Fe high school, Annabel Renee Pomeroy will never get to see senior year, Charlotte bacon just turned six.

So when it rains metal raindrops on children like this, I am solemn to say that this is happening.

So what are we going to do about it? Because all storms must come to an end.

September 14

Rather Important Message About the Lack of Pigeons.

Ok so here’s the thing, I don’t know who’s reading this right now but whoever you are, I’ve made an unfortunate discovery, I have never seen a baby pigeon. It’s like they don’t exist, maybe they don’t, I suppose that could be possible thus we have definitely not explored the entirety of the earth but it seems a bit questionable considering the fact that everything else alive starts off as a baby or such as. I suppose there are other options too, I mean it is possible that all regular pigeons are in fact baby pigeons and deep in a cave somewhere there’s just a 37 and a 1/2 foot pigeon making all the baby pigeons, I guess it would be considered a master pigeon of some sort. Or maybe it’s more of an Illuminati thing, I mean think about it, maybe baby pigeons secrete some sort of oil or chemical that cures blindness or something, so they are kept in labs until they’ve met maturity and then are set free and that’s why they hate people, either way it is still quite disappointing that I have never witnessed one. I will continue to look further into this subject and see if I can find an image on this particular matter, until then, salutations.

September 12

I Have More Hobbys Than This I Promise

So i play soccer, to your dismay I do not play basketball, or softball, but soccer. Soccer is boring to watch on TV, boring to watch at a game, just boring to watch in general, so it comes off as a boring sport. I promise that its not however, it is very interesting and very much a speed of play game, you cant hesitatate, or you lose, you cant stop, or you lose, you cant stop running until the ball is out of play, or you lose. I do plenty of other sports and activities such as, but all of the videos were blocked for those, so here I am, telling you that whatever you do, if it is not done with intelligence and precision, you lose. And thats just the truth. So, if you ever want to play soccer, you better be ready to work hard, or lose, and nobody likes losing.


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