September 13

All About my Book

I’m reading The Flash by Barry Lyga. The Flash is about a superhero called, you guessed it, the Flash, and his merry band of crime fighting super pals. The Flashes team includes Doctor Caitlyn Snow, Cisco Ramon, Hairisson Wells, Detective Joe West, Central City Picture News Reporter Iris West, and a few others. The Flash’s superpower is super speed, and because of his super speed, he is able to vibrate through solid matter, travel through time, throw lighting, and much more. 

 The Flash, or Berry Alan, which is his real name, got his powers from a partical accelerator explosion that occurred in Central City, his hometown, 2 years ago and washed the whole city in dark matter, creating metahumans, which is what the Flash is, a meta human. These metas, for short, all have different powers such as super sonic screaming, controlling the weather, and more. Most of these metas have chosen the wrong path, and use thier gifts to hurt people, and it is up to The Flash to stop them! 

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3 thoughts on “All About my Book

  1. sarahd7

    This book sounds really good! Thank you for posting about it, I will definitely be looking at it. Of course I don’t like the flash as much as Malena, Zuzu, or Olivia but it is a really good show/book .

  2. AnushriD7

    Ok I’m a bit biased on this because I watched the series on Netflix and loved it. Yes I meant that I loved it. I think you did a good job in explaining the characters and what their roll is for the people that don’t know. Oh and Iris+Barry fooorrr liiiffeee!!


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