September 19

Pros and Cons of Coffee


If your parents have ever told you not to drink coffee because it may stunt (stop or slow) your growth, tell them it’s a myth ( politely, they are your parents, respect is called for), because it is! Many of the early trials testing the safety of coffee were incorrect on a large scale, becuase the participants were smokers, so coffee won’t give you heart disease, smoking will. Coffee can actually lower your risk for getting heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and some cancers even! It does all of these things even in a state of decaf! Speaking of decaf and non- decaf, non-decaf coffee gives you a boost of caffeine. Before I researched this I was ignorant to how coffee gives you this boost of energy, but how it works is somewhat simple. The caffeine in coffee isn’t what is giving you energy, all it is doing is causing your adrenal glands to power up. This means that the energy stored for fight or flight sequence is used up to keep you focused and alert throughout your day. This could be a pro and a con. For instance, if you don’t have a healthy, nutritious meal to go with your coffee, the energy your excreting doesn’t have any fuel to push it out, this can cause headaches and migraines, sudden pulses of pain all through the body as it tries to find the nutrition to lach to that caffeine. But if you eat a good meal with it, coffee can help you wake up and go along on your day without tiredness pulling you down. A major con that you need to be aware of is when your at the store buying coffee grinds and buy the cheap, worse brand, just one “ bad bean” in that bag, may give you headaches for days! One more major note is that when you add sugar, artificial and non artificial sweeteners, half and half, all of these results are twisted, the health benefits only apply to black coffee. So if you are a coffee drinker, the next time you drink a cup a joe, remember these tips!

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