September 21


Meow! Meow!! MEOW! MEEEEOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!” 

That is what I woke up to this morning. At 4 in the morning, I new my orange tabby cat, Ross, had been left outside the whole night in the rain! I was tired, so tired, but the weight of my guilt for leaving my cat outside in the rain was heavier than my eyelids were, so I dragged myself out of bed to go get my kitty.

Ross is an indoor/outdoor cat, so him sleeping outside wasn’t too unusual, but sleeping in the rain was most obviously out of character, especially when the fact that he is a cat comes up. He actually does sometimes sleep outside though, and for the most part, when he spends the night outside, he waits by the door for you to come get him in the morning, so last night, as I stumbled groggily down the stairs towards the door, I noticed Eleanor, my dog, had heard Ross’s nonstop squealing emanating from the outside too. Unlike me, she was wide awake. As my hand gripped the doorknob, and I looked through the glass into the blackness outside, I was fully expecting to open the door and see a sad, wet, cat awaiting rescue. Instead I spent half an hour searching the perimeter of my soggy lawn. Suddenly, his cry was audible once more, and as I knew he wasn’t on the ground somewhere, my eyes wandered upwards, and there he was, wet, sad, but there… on the roof!

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