September 21

About Me

Hello, my name is ELIZABETH and I hope your having ANYTHING kinda day! My favorite thing about myself is my ENTHUSIASM. On top of being enthusiastic, I’m also WIERD, and in my so “unbiased” opinion, I’m WONDERFUL. My favorite things are VOLLEYBALL, LEARNING SPANISH, MATH and SCIENCE, VIOLIN, and ENGLISH. So I pretty much love school. I’m on the school volleyball team, I’m in Orchastra, and I’m taking Spanish class! My favorite animal is a BELUGA WHALE, and my most loyal companion is ROSS. ROSS is a cat. My best friend, She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, is also wierd, strange, and insane. My blog is all about WEIRDNESS, ANGER, SADNESS, FURY, DANGER, FEAR, BRAVERY, HOMEWORK, GOODNESS AND BAD!