Let’s Bake A Pie


Credit to: TasteofHome.com

Collaboration with: Tenby W.

The Rocky Road Freezer Pie is a delicious, mouth watering, and easy to make chocolaty concoction. That will serve approximately 16 people, and prep time only takes about 15 minutes.

*the ingredients include:

*half-and-half cream

*instant chocolate pudding mix

* frozen whipped topping thawed

*semisweet chocolate chips

* graham cracker crust (9 inches)

*mininature marshmallows, chopped pecans and chocolate sauce, optional

Directions: First, we whisked the half-and-half and pudding mix together in a large bowl for about 2 minutes.

Next we folded in the whipped topping, and stired in the marshmallows, pecans, and the chocolate chips.

After that we transferred the the filling into the pie crust and freezed it for about 6 hours.

Lastly remove pie from freezer about 10 minutes before serving.

At last when we got to taste the Rocky Road Pie it tasted like s’mores with the graham cracker crust and, chocolaty marshmallow filling. I recommend this for parties because it’s fast, delicious, and easy to make. To find more easy, yummy food check out TasteofHome.com.

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