The Life of Bello and Aloe

The Life of Bello and Aloe


There was a man named Bello! 

He liked to play the cello! 

He also said hello!  

His favorite food was jello!  


His favorite color is yellow! 

He had a wife named Aloe! 

Who was allergic to jello! 

That made Bello as sad as a yellow apple!


Bello was sad that aloe was allergic to jello! 

Bello was aging fast!  

The only thing he could eat was jello! 

Bello would eat his jello and watch JoJo Siwa! 


He was happy with Aloe!

She was able to eat jello now!

They are both still living and watching Jojo Siwa!  

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just saying hi, it’s Friday 9:04pm

I’m (always) hungry

okay bye



Why I love H-E-B

This is a poem (I think)


This place is fantastic, you can buy many things there! For example chicken pot pie, ramen, ice cream and many more! It’s the best store ever!! You can sometimes see your friends there!

Thats why I love H-E-B

Hamburger Picture

I love fries, burgers and more! One of my favorite places to get them is In-N-Out Burger. It is super good and yummy.

“A handful of stars” is the title of the book I just finished!

The book I just finished was called, “A Handful of Stars.” It is about a girl named Tigerlily (Lily) and her dog lucky, who is blind. She is trying to raise enough money by selling bee houses for her dog lucky’s eye surgery. At one point she meets a girl named “Salma”(who works at the blue berry fields) Salma will do anything to help Lucky so she decideds to help Lily. Lily and Salma paint bee houses, and sell stuff to try and raise enough money for Lucky’s eye surgery. If you want to find out how it ends read the book!



Why I like Jojo Siwa!

The reason I like Jojo Siwa is because she is awesome! She has her own show (I think), she was on dance moms, she sings songs (her new song comes out this Friday the 14th!), she has a YouTube channel where every Wednesday she pours juice on her head! She has an awesome dog named Bow Bow. That is all the reasons I can think of right now why I like Jojo Siwa


Bye bye!

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