So high Above


Once there was a tree

So very special to me.

My friend and I

Watched it grow to the sky.


Everyday, she and I

Looked up to the sky,

And there it was,

Like a bird, so high above.


The people would watch us,

Like we created a fuss,

But we loved our tree,

So very special to me.


The tree loved the girl,

As it’s leaves would curl,

As it’s boughs would bend

He loved his friend.



Authors Note:

This poem is about a tree that me and my friend found. She and I would go up to it every day and put a leaf or flower under a rock and talk with each other until we had to go and do our homework. We would go every day and place another leaf. Until there was no more spots or rocks, then we took some of and put new ones on. This tree reminds me of our friendship and so it is as special to me as she is. Sadly I moved so I don’t see it anymore, but it is still in my heart, and I think about it every day.


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