Ella Fenrir

When they told me to go “deal with” Fenrir, I didn’t know if they meant kill him, chain him up again, or feed him. I didn’t want to kill him, because who knows if he was evil or not. Who knows if he just wanted to be like us or just wanted to kill us. When I got to the fiery cave, I saw someone already there. He was a great hero I have heard myths about, Beowulf. When I reached him I immediately told him to scram. He would not, so I simply picked him up, and threw him away as if he was as light as a feather.


Then I saw him. He was a great fiery, giant thing. He had big metal armor across his face. All you could see of his face was his great, big, fiery eyes that were almost as fiery as the underworld. He had huge spikes on his back. My heart beat quickened when I saw him sniff the air, freeze, and slowly turn around to look at me. When I finally saw the front of him my knees quacked in fear. But then I realized what I was doing and I stilled my knees, slowed down my heart rate and reminded myself I was a god and gods do not fear a giant, man-eating wolf. Forget that, this guy was terrifying. Why would they send me to do this job? Did they think I was someone that if they lost me it would not be a big deal? No, stop it. They chose you because you are the strongest.


Fenrir slowly started walking towards me. It wasn’t actually that slow because each step was huge. Then I realized he was sort of hesitant as he got closer to me. When he was right in front of me he growled. It almost blew me away, but I stood my ground. He sniffed again and then opened his mouth. I jumped away quickly just as he bit down where I stood. I ran under his legs and kept running until I hid behind s boulder. When I looked at the boulder, I saw the chains that he used to be chained up with. I quickly grabbed them. They were not broken too much and they could still be used to chain him up again. I could hear him getting closer and I got ready to jump on him. Then something wet hit my shoulder. Rain? Water droplet? Then I looked up and saw him right there! I quickly jumped out from behind the boulder, and ran through his legs. I climbed another huge boulder and jumped on his back leg when he wasn’t looking. I looped the chain around his leg and ran to the other one and looped it around then the other two. Then I did again three times until he could not move. He growled and I sprinted out of the cave to tell the others. When I got them and had brought them back we saw him staring at the ground where there was now a huge crack. We stood there not not knowing what to do as we saw the underworld rise out of the ground. Then thousands of evil, disgusting monsters poured out and advanced quickly on us until we were surrounded.

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