Splash Mountain

Twisting, turning, tumbling down a steep hill of metal. Not knowing that will come next. Smooth, calm, peaceful… *SWOSH* the next thing I know, in halfway down the metal mountain! Train tracks beating me along the jagged pathways. This time, expecting it… The drop comes. I gasp. It drops. Cameras flashing. Water splashing me… It was over! My favorite ride at Disney world: splash mountain! It is a fun ride but kind of scary at the same time. That’s what makes it fun!

Expectation Vs. Reality Of 7th Grade

So on this weeks blog post I will be sharing the expectations versus reality of 7th grade. There have been a lot of things that I expected and never happened, so I will be sharing them with you!

•Expectation (E)
•Reality (R)

E: I’m going to have so much homework in every class every night! R: In this year I really only had homework in Spanish witch was surprising.
E: it’s going to be so hard to remember my locker combo and I’m going to have to go to the office a lot to get my combo. R: I never forgot my locker combo after about the first week!
E: All the teachers are so strict! I don’t know how I’m going to get through the year… R: the teachers are not that strict they are all just have different personalities and expectations, but if you do good in the class then you will be meeting every teachers expectation!
For any incoming 7th graders looking at this post, 7th grade is very fun! For any current 7th graders comment if you shared any of these expectations or realities!

My Hedgehog

Her body is slick
and pokey
yet on the other side, soft
as she passed the corner of her cage
she hissed
hissed as if somebody came into her territory
waiting for her was the dog
giving her the death stare
as her spikes rised, you could see her black rough coating under neath
eyes of fear
yet eyes of confidence
the dog came creeping around the corner just waiting…
as she passed the second corner she fell down, deep into the evil eyes
eaten by the dog…

inspired by me.

Three Austin Attractions

Here are three amazing outdoor activity’s to do around Austin. If you like going out trying new things I can grantee you’ll like this!

AUSTIN RODEO Funnel Cakes and Corn Dogs Dave Wilson via Compfight

The Austin rodeo is a very fun place to go with friends or family! The rodeo has a lot of foods that you cant get everywhere you go. They have deep fried funnels cakes, corn dogs, and pickles! The rodeo also has very cool and fun rides, if you go to the rodeo you have to try them!

Town Lake

Never Give Up Bridge David Ingram via Compfight

Town lake is another very popular spot to hang out with friends or go on a run. Town Lake is a trail/bridge that is a four mile trail and its on a lake, it is very fun to go on a hot day!

Austin Bats

Austin Bat PerformanceWoody Hibbard via Compfight

The Austin bat performance is a great place to go at night and watch bats fly out of a bridge! It is such a cool thing to see and there are not many places that you can see this many bats!


Spring Break With My Family

This spring break was fun. I went with my mom, my brother, and I.

One thing that I enjoyed was the weather. We went to Rosemary Beach. It was a little town and it was about five minutes from town to town, so we could bike every where. I usually biked to this little town called Sea Crest. Sea Crest was about five minutes away.

Another thing that I particularly liked about Rosemary Beach was that we were staying in a hotel that was very close to the beach. It was probably about a two minute walk and about a thirty second bike ride. The beach was kind of cold, so was the weather. But I swam and made it a good time.

I would defiantly recommend Rosemary Beach as a good vacation spot!

My Favorite Subject

My favorite subject is science for many reasons
Reason number one is that it’s easy for me to learn and I get good grades in the class and it makes me feel like all my studying payed off!
Reason number two is that my science teacher is Ms Hotchkiss and she’s a really good science teacher, she also teaches the material in a fun and easy way.
Reason number three is I find things in science that are very interesting to me so that makes me want to pay more attention and it makes me want to learn more about science because I want to not because I have to.
Last but not least reason number four . School is for the most part not a fun day for me and science makes my day better because I look forward to science every day.
I used to not like school but trust me you will definitely find a fun subject eventually, and that is why science is mine.

Helping Others.

Sometimes people need a helping hand in life; it makes a big impact and it is important.

I know that there are times that I wish that I had someone helping me and no one was there. Everybody has experienced that before and it’s not fun. So make sure to always be on the look out to help.
Helping a peer can make they’re day. Helping someone makes a chain reaction; you could possibly change someone’s day by saying one nice thing or saying on compliment.
Looking out for someone and helping them out with something also helps you too. Helping other makes you feel better about yourself but, make sure that you don’t just do it for your own benefit. Help others for their benefit!
That is why helping others is important.

School vs. Online School

Here is my opinion about school. I think it is a waste of time, Why do regular school when you could do it online and get it done twice as fast?! There is this thing called homework I hate it. It takes up all of my time. I have so many other things I could be doing.

Fact about online school

•online school is proven to be 68% less stressful for teens.

•55% of teens take online school in 2015-2016

And here is a few reasons why I do like school.

•it is a great way to meet people and hangout with friends

•and if you took online school you would be done twice as fast but you would be bored all day.

So there are the reasons why I do and don’t like school:)

Getting Stuck in The Airport For Christmas

“Hey mom!” I exclaimed “Hey ellie! How’s Colorado?” My mom asked. “Good! I’m having so much fun. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow” I said. “Me too!” My mom said. “Ok well I have to go now, I love and miss you!” I said cheerfully. “Miss you too, bye!” My mom said.

I was pretty happy to be coming back to Texas after all the cold weather in Colorado. I couldn’t wait to see my cousins and my aunt and uncle and my mom.

I finished packing my things and then went down stairs for dinner. My last dinner in Colorado. It was great, after dinner I went to the couch and played some games when I saw a weather report and my face turned red as a tomato. I was so scared. I was so scared that I wouldn’t make it home in time. It felt like it was the end of the world..

It said it would Snowy all day and blizzard storms near the airport. This was the worst day I have had in a while. The thought of not being with my family for Christmas..

(Next post is part two!)

Getting A New Dog!

(This was about a year ago I did not just get a new dog recently!)

“Mom are we there yet?!” I exclaimed. “Not quite we still have another hour.” My mom said. We were on our way to get my new dog Daisy! I was about to scream because I was so excited. I would finally have a fluffy little puppy to play with!

Daisy is a cavalier mixed with a poodle, but you can not really tell she’s a poodle mix. I also had another dog named Lucy she is the cutest little doggie ever, but she is not that fluffy like daisy. The reason I was so excited was now I would have two puppies to play with.

On the car ride up to Houston all I could think about was my new fur ball! My mom was not nearly as excited as I was. We had about 10 minutes left u till we got there. I was so ready to jump out of the car and take her home, but we had to do lots of paperwork before we got her. “MOM!!! there she is!!!” I exclaimed. “Go get her!” My mom said. I ran up and picked her up and never put her down. I got in the car and fed her some dog treats and played with her more. She was a little bit shy but very cute!

When we got home she ran around the house and got use to it pretty quick. All that I could think is oh my gosh she is so adorable! I was so happy to finally get this puppy my whole family loved her the second they saw her. Getting a new dog is definitely the best experience!