Wow it’s already time for my last blog post I can’t believe it! I feel like just yesterday Mrs. Kriese was taking us to the computer lab to make our blog, figure out the features of it, and show us how to use it.

Although this is my last required post I will still have the blog and will use it in the future for 8th grade and high school. Although I wasn’t to fond of having to be required to post on my blog I liked having something that family and friends could look at and see what I’m up to. I might post occasionally in the summer but most likely I will be enjoying my summer with friends and family,  not school. I will miss the 7th grade but I am excited to become part of the oldest group in the school and to be in the same school as my younger brother.

Although the year is almost over and this is my last blog post as a 7th grader, I am excited to move up towards my last year as a middle schooler and see what this next school year has in store for me.

Dance Competition #3


This weekend I have a dance competition in San Marcos, Texas. I am so excited! And my grandparents are coming to visit us and see my dances.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and he said that I stress fractured my right foot and my previous injury from December on my right foot never healed ! I know not good news or timing but I am still dancing this weekend because I don’t want to make my team to have to take me out of my dances last minute. Basically what I have to do is wear my dance shoes on stage and when I’m done I have to pu my boot back on. Your probably thinking, why does she have one boot if she hurt both feet well I have to alternate the foot it’s on every day. WEIRD I know but hope fully It will heal soon. When my mom got my appointment for the foot doctor she went ahead and got my brother one because he had been saying his feet hurt too and it turns out he has stress fractures on both of his feet as well, from tennis. WOW 2 peas in a pod!

I am super excited for this weekend to be with my team, and my family! What are you doing this weekend?


Spring Break


This spring break I went to Costa Rica! We stayed at the Dreams Resort. It was so much fun we went zip lining, jet skiing, and went swimming.

The place we went zip lining had so many things to do from zip lining to feeding the bull that they used to make sugar cane juice. It was so cool! They had really good food too. It took an hour and a half to drive there and we left at 7:30. Once we arrived we rode horses up to the start of the line from there we went on 10 lines that ranged from really long to super high. After that we saw how they made sugar cane juice and then went to lunch. After lunch we went on the water slide and headed back to the resort.

I had an amazing time in Costa Rica and I hope I can go back soon! What did you do for spring break?

Why I Love Spring Break!


There are so many thing to look forward to for spring break, even if you aren’t going on a vacation. 2 reasons I’m looking forward to spring break is you are so close to summer, and I and getting to go to Costa Rica with my family.

I love having a 9 day break from school, it is so much fun. You can do anything from hanging out with friends or going on trips. I also feel like after spring break it is really exciting because it means the there is only 10! yes 10, more weeks until summer. Although those 10 weeks are full of getting ready for and taking Starr tests it’s not that bad because you have a lot to look forward to.

If that isn’t exciting enough I am also looking forward to going to Costa Rica the Monday after spring break starts. Swimming, snorkeling, going to the beach, just a few of the many fun activities my family and I will be participating in on our trip. We don’t have everything planned out but I know we will have and amazing time.

Whether you are staying home, going somewhere I hope you have an awesome week off.

Busy Dance Weekend!


This weekend I have rehearsals for my dance competition coming up very soon. My studio is really bust trying to get ready for the first competition of the season.


If having to get ready for our first completion of the season had to be hard enough it is also out national qualifier-nationals is a huge competition where people from all over the US come to preform. Although it’s not very hard to qualify but everyone still wants to do there best, hopefully place, and have a lot of fun.


I have a lot of mixed emotions going into the 2017 season. First I am super excited for my jazz solo, but also very nervous! I am also super happy with how all of my dances have turned out and overall I am super excited! I have 4 other dances besides my solo that I have rehearsals for this weekend, heels/musical theatre, hip hop, the little mermaid production, and contemporary.


The countdown is beginning! There is only 2 more weeks until my team competes so everyone is in full competition mode. I am so happy that the competition season is beginning and I hope we will do really well and have a lot of fun!



Why Summer is the Best


I love summer. It’s amazing not having school, going on fun trips, and hanging out with friends. Even if you don’t go out of town, it is still fun with the many things to do in Austin.

Here in Austin there are so many things to do outside from swimming in Barton Creek, to shopping in the Galleria. I love going to Barton creek the trick to getting the best spot is walk. It’s as easy as that. If you know you have most of the day to spend then this is the activity for you. Last summer I would always stop at the closest area that you could swim… but so did everyone else. This summer I will know to walk far because it is totally worth it if you want to have a full day of fun in a secluded area.

If you don’t prefer being out in the hot sun or if the weather isn’t so nice then I recomend going somewhere indoors like the Barton creek mall, or a trampoline park. There are a lot of trampoline parks around within 15 miles from your house. They are a great way to let of some energy and have a lot of fun.

Although we still have a long time until summer I am so excited for everything to do and I know it will be worth the wait.


My Birthday!


This past weekend was my birthday. I did a lot of fun things like spending time with my family on my birthday, and having my party the day after.

I woke up on Friday morning got ready, went to Starbucks, and then school. When I got home later that night I had All Star Burger and Amy’s Ice Cream cake. On Saturday I had dance pictures and later we had to spend a lot of time getting ready for my party. That night at 6:00 the 30 girls started rushing into my house. We projected a movie, had candy, and took a lot of photos.

At 11:00 as everyone left and we cleaned up, before I  to bed I looked back on what we had done, it was an awesome weekend. I’m so thankful for everyone that made my birthday special and am so excited for what is to come!



WADA preview show!


I am so excited for this weekend! Saturday is the preview show for my dance studio. I have a rehearsal tonight and tomorrow afternoon and then 2 shows, the group dance show is at 3 and the solo duo trio show is at 6:30. I have 4 dances in the first show and 1 in the 2nd show.

In the first show I have a musical theatre production dance,(a dance with my whole team 60 people) a contemporary dance, a heels dance, and a hip hop dance. In the 2nd show I have my jazz solo.

I am so excited for the show and I hope that we all have fun and become prepared for competition season!


My history assignment



Why Did Texas Almost Fail As a Colony?
Here is why Texas almost failed as a colony. Spain first saw the Texas coast in 1519. 202 years later Mexico came independent for Spain. Texas almost failed as a colony for 3 main reasons. The reasons are, they found no gold, native americans, and the missions were not popular in the beginning.

The first reason that Texas nearly failed as a Spanish colony was that they found no gold, and that was all the king was interested in. Some evidence is, when they didn’t find any Spain sent them north in search of treasure. They also spent a lot of time looking for it. Lastly they traveled all the way to kansas in search for it. This evidence explains Spain’s inability to develop Texas because they wanted gold more than colonization.

Another reason Spain almost failed to develop Texas was that the Native Americans didn’t like them. Some evidence I found was, Native Americans attacked them. Also many didn’t go to the missions. Lastly the Comanche and apache tribes wouldn’t let them extend further to the northwest. This evidence helps explain why Spain didn’t develop Texas because, they were limited by the Native Americans.
Missions were not popular

A third reason Spain almost sailed to develop a successful colony in Texas was people didn’t come. Some evidence is, they didn’t have enough people. They were attacked. Lastly people wouldn’t stay at the missions. This evidence further explains why Spain had a hard time developing Texas because they didn’t have the interest of the Native Americans.
Although they didn’t find gold, they were limited by the comanche and apache tribes, they didn’t have interest of the Native Americans, and many more reasons. They still succeeded at making some missions. Spain’s near failure to develop Texas is important because it taught others what to do and what not to do so that they don’t make the same mistakes and that they succeed.

My poem


By: Ellie Evans

I sat in my second grade class for a long while
Then I left to go to what I thought was a dentist appointment
To take a look at my smile

I walked out the door and Mrs. Glancy said
“I hope you have fun.”
I wondered what was going on in her head

As we drove to my cousins to let out the dog
The garage door opened
And out came balloons thicker than fog

The car rolled out “Disney or bust”
Is what it said
We were going to Disney? We must!

We drove to the airport with ease
Got through security, and made it on our flight
It was a breeze

With my aunt, cousins, mom, brother and grandma
We spent the weekend there
And had tons of fun with the characters we saw

We did cool attractions like the tower of terror
The rockin’ roller coaster and more
Some rides really gave us a S C A R E

Sadly on Monday we had to depart
We packed up our things and got on the plane
My memories of that trip will forever be in my heart


Authors Note:
I wrote this poem to showcase how much I love surprises and Disney. Since I love both of those things this was one trip I will remember the most. I’m grateful that my family put this together. I hope that I can go on another surprise trip soon.