Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game where you collect resources then you can build castles, cites, towers, etc. When building in medieval engineers beware, because if you put to much pressure on a block it will brake. Medieval engineers also aloes you to place blocks inside of blocks such as with the slab walls which don’t take up the whole block you can place two in the same space.

One of the best features in my opinion is rope and other mechanical blocks. With rope, axle blocks, rope coils, and hooks you can build a functioning drawbridge, cart, catapult, elevator, etc. some of those are hard especially the elevator and some are easy like the cart. The game is not done but I still like messing around with the engineering block you might have fun with that also.

Merlin The Wizard

I am sure you know the story of King Arthur who pulled the sword, but you might have forgotten the wizard who put it there and helped him.

Many people have tried to write Merlin’s story, but my favorite is written by T. A. Barron. There are 11 books in his story. his story starts when Merlin is 12 when things start happening strangely around him. he is called a sorcerer and the children of his village try to burn his mother who they call a witch. Then when one of them is running with a torch, Merlin uses magic to drop a tree on him. Merlin regretting this decision jumps into the burning tree to save him.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a table top role playing game. D&D is almost always unique as it requires a dungeon master who has to make the world, run encounters, be all the NPC’s (non player characters), makes the quests, and makes the rules. He has 2 books full of recommendations (the dungeon master’s guide which only he needs and the players hand book which every one needs) causing a lot of variation.

D&D also requires at least 3 players (4 is preferable and more than 6 is slow). You need PCs (player characters) who are controlled by the players and they are the heroes in the campaign. You make a PC by first deciding your class and race, then you role 4 d6’s (six sided die), then take the top 3 numbers and add them together. This process is repeated 6 times and those numbers are your base stats. You will put one number in strength (which is how strong your character is), dexterity (which is how nimble your character is), constitution (which affects max health and helps with roles for poison), intelligence (how academically smart your character is), wisdom (which is how street smart your character is), and charisma (which is how good with people your character is). Once your Dungeon master has created the word and the players have made there characters then you can start playing.

The HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is a state of the art virtual reality device you may see on youtube it allows you to walk touch the few worlds that have it. From what I’ve seen it actually feels like you in the world you can fly around in wind lands or try the impossible challenge of fixing Atlas.

Obviously people are comparing this to the oculus rift and people say the HTC vive has none of the disadvantages  and more features.

I see very few problems with this device besides the area you can walk around is the area you set out and that the HTC vive costs 800 dollars.

Are games challenging?

In my opinion not any more. If you have been playing any old games you will notice how complex they are compared to knew games the reason is that knew games have to be playable with a controller and simple so anyone can play them not just the hardcore gamers. In most new games every thing is easy to understand, death has no meaning, every thing is streamline, and I could go on and on. This does not apply to all games some games are complex.

The reason this has become so common is that more and more people are playing video games and the companies like this expansion  but some people just cant understand the harder games which means they say the game is bad or “broken” some games are bad or “broken” but there are some games I’ve really liked then my friends don’t under stand them so they ask me why I play the game saying the game is bad.

I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention and speak my mind if you don’t agree with me fine post a comment below.

Civilization 5

Civilization 5 is a old game but lots of people are still playing it. I do not have Civilization but I have watched reviews and played the demo and it is a good game the concept is not vary new, (there have been 5 of these games and age of empires) but this game does have many differences to its counterparts and many more to the other companies denies.

Civilization is played from a over head view on a hexagon bored where you command a Nation threw the ages from when humans first started living in one place with trapping to when we go to space with many big cites. this games has its problems, but overall I think its a great game and I plan on buying the full version.

Restrictions on Games

Anyone who likes to play video games know’s that there parents have restrictions, but the restrictions can vary.

I know some one who has to write an essay on how the game is educational. I also know someone who’s parents only care that he pays for it. I agree that there should be restrictions set by your parents, but I think some parents are too strict and some I think are too lax. I think my parents are to strict, because they don’t allow me to play some games because there are swear words even though 5 days a week I’m at school hearing lots of cussing and for some games there are mods to sensor cussing or a game setting to sensor cussing. (I personally do not participate in cussing and think it should be against school rules.)

Also the mane reason there is cussing in games is to get a M rating so it sells better, because some people think T games are not going to be fun if a lot of games took away there unnecessary cussing there would be tones of T games, so I put the mane reason for this problem is all the gamers who only buy M games all of them need to stop looking at what a game is rated and start looking at the game’s mechanics and story, because that’s what maters if a game has no story sometimes that’s the point. then think if you will have fun exploring the world, messing around, or building things. All that maters is if you will have fun.

In conclusion I think people should pay less attention to what a game is rated and more attention to the actual game and I think parents should recheck how there kid acts to see what games they should play.

Early Access Games

there are a lot of early access games but some of my favorites are:


Space Engineers made by keen software house

Space Engineers is a sandbox game and if you want more info I’ve made multiple posts on it.


Medieval Engineers made by keen software house

Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game in early development and has potential to be amazing but don’t presser them they just released proper survival mode.


TUG made by The Nerd Kingdom

TUG is an acronym for what ever you want showing this is a sandbox game. its a good game that deserves its own post.


Pulsar: The Last Colony made by Leafy Games (Leafy Games doesn’t have an official website)

Pulsar is a story driven game that to properly play requires five people and is in space has a interesting engineering system but most of the community isn’t nice so unless you have four friends with the game I recommend joining almost full servers.


Ark Survival Evolved made by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement

this is a dinosaur survival game with a good leveling system and much more.

Space engineers mods V1

After the planet update there have been few mods for planets. one huge mod is a aerodynamics mod all it currently adds is wings. Wings take your foreword speed and multiples it by a fraction to add that to lift meaning that instead of just rovers and drones you can have planes and I suppose helicopters but I wouldn’t trust rotors to make it spin. This opens more possibilities than most would think because drones can only go so fast wile supporting there own weight to continue flouting but with planes you can focus on forward thrust just as you do in space. Another problem is recourses on planets look for dark splotches under them about 20 meters are resources but next to no uranium look for platinum. Look oh so hard for as much platinum as you can because with platinum you can make solar panels for power but there is night so don’t forget battery’s

Space engineers V3

Yesterday Space Engineers added planets. There are currently 4 types of planets, all handmade, all inspired by our planets except the alien planets. They will soon have giant spiders. The other planets are an earth like planet with oxygen, a mars like planet ,and an ice planet. The only planet really worth building on more than a small outpost is the earth like planet. However these planets are huge, and unlike our planets, they are static and the sun spins around them instead of being an object. This is not the only thing developers added. They added a new type of thruster that only works on planets with an atmosphere. The alien planet has a thick atmosphere as well as the Mars like planet and most of the moons have them, but those atmospheres are thin and don’t have oxygen.