Flying High

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Flying High


All around me they spun
Round and Round

I was flying
Flying high like a bird

I was drawn to them

Never noticing the cold, black, street.

Never noticing the loud honks,
Never noticing the car coming my way,


Never noticing



When we got the assignment of writing a poem that wasn’t completely nonsensical, I was stumped. After all, the only poems I have ever written in my life were were weird rhyming poems about stuff like a man falling in a volcano and going insane. (Read that in one of my blog posts.) I finally got inspiration to write something after going on to a poetry website and reading some serious poems.
My mind went back to a scene on a TV show where someone was high on drugs and got hit by a car. That’s really what this poem is about. Now I don’t know what it feels like to be under the influence of drugs, but this was what I infer being on drugs would feel like. The message of this poem was that people shouldn’t take drugs, because you will either die, or bad things will happen, like this car crash.
At first, I had issues finding a title that was subtle enough for my poem. After all, titling my poem “Drugs” would completely ruin the sudden shift in my poem from light to dark. Eventually I found the name “Flying High”. It was perfect. Innocent at a first glance, but darker once you read the poem.
Somehow I actually enjoyed writing this poem. Usually I hate writing poems, but this was oddly enjoyable. I look forward to writing more!








  1. Mom says:

    Wow Emaan! Nicely conveyed. I hope your message gets across but never give up trying to help.

  2. eshac6 says:

    Nice poem Emaan! I found that you perfectly executed the meaning and emotions of this poem! It’s a definite step up from “Losing Joe” so that’s good!

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