2072 Chapter Two

Almost everyone in Montropolis knows that dynamite is defective against steelbrick. I was seriously doubting the plan that my sister and I had made for the jailbreak.

As I landed my skimmer on top of a tall Oak tree, a quiet sound cut through the tranquil night. “Whoooo hoooooo.” To any normal citizen of Montropolis, that would sound like the call of the Southeastern Barn Owl. To me, it was my sister speaking in code, telling me that the coast was clear. I jumped down from the Oak, activating my canvas parachute as I went down. Just as my toes touched the ground, I heard her call to me again. “Hooo!” She was telling me to hurry up. I sprinted across the field, each second shortening the distance between me and the walled-in steelbrick building ahead of me.

I hope there is another part of this plan Kara didn’t tell me about. If you lived like I do, you would better understand why sometimes it is important to keep information from people. I jumped as a sharp whistling noise was made. It came from behind another tree. That’s the final signal, I told myself, time to go. I put on a burst of speed, pulling the dynamite out of my pocket as I went. I lit it, just as the jailhouse came into clear view through the last few blades of tall grass. I can do this! With all my strength I hurled the dynamite at the building.

After that, a lot of things happened at once. First, the dynamite bounced harmlessly off of the wall and blew a hole in the spot were I had been standing half a second ago. If I had not been quick, I would have been blasted into a thousand tiny pieces. At almost exactly the same time, the jail’s alarm system went off. Talk about over protective! The sirens were so loud, I felt like I was going to be deaf any second. The next thing was slightly overwhelming. I was being surrounded by security robots. Each of them were at least nine feet tall and four feet across.

“You are under arrest,” they announced in unison. Uh oh. This was not what I was expecting. Then, I heard another sound, “whooooo.” Kara was telling me in our code that I should go along with the creepy robots without trying to escape.

I allowed myself to be escorted into the building, down a hall with a low ceiling, and then into a room were my parents stood. They did not look pleased. A robot shut the door and I heard the lock click as I turned to face my parents. They were both giving me their evil eyes. My mom spoke first. “Now three fourths of the family is trapped here! What were you thinking?” “Mom, calm down,” I said. “Kara told me to go with them. I think she has an idea.” It certainly sounded like Kara had an idea. From outside I heard the sound of robots clattering. That meant that they were malfunctioning! A few seconds later the door swung open. We prepared to make a break for it. A face peeked around the door. “Kara,” exclaimed my dad. “Sshhhhh! The guards will come back awake in a few minutes,” she explained. “I turned off their main switch, but soon they will be able to activate their self-powered mode.” That was my brilliant sister for you. Apparently she has gotten into the control room and been able to momentarily turn the robots off so that we could escape.

That was a close one,” my mom said as we piled into our “borrowed” transportation device, the city guard vehicle that conveniently had been parked and abandoned near the jail. We took flight and raced back to our hideout. The sun was just beginning to rise in the east as we made our way across the sky.

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