The Body Shop Addiction

The Body Shop is one of my favorite places to go with my friends also with my sisters. When me and my friends go there they instantly know who we are cause we are a little addict to going. Also its a little embarrassing cause we basically live there.

Now that I told you I’m just a little bit addicted to The Body Shop, I will the;l you what it is like. So as you walk in you are greeted by the the very nice workers and the body butters (aka lotions). As you turn to your right you see they gift boxes. The gift boxes are like a set of lotions,oils,luffs,and a perfume all in one box so it could be a already wrapped presents for a close friend or a family member. Also to your left you will find makeup and oils. The makeup is supposedly non-grease makeup, and your oils come in a little bottle with a pumper like the one we use in science. and lastly the main table. This last table involves the favorite oils and body butters or in other word the one that every one likes to buy. Also accompanied by one of the store workers that will test these oils and body butters on you if you want them to.


Now I really suggest going to The Body Shop because everyone is so kind and gives great services and is ready to help you when needed. But some of the things in there can be a little pricey but there is a discount table for like little travel sizes . But yes I love The Body Shop and i hope you do to !!!

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