She has inspired,
Singing while crying,
Tears don’t hold Crybaby back,
The carousal has swung with emotion,
Playing tag with danger,
Snuggling with her teddy,
Or washing those lies with soap,
As her love is just considered a play date to him but not to her,
But as her love find a girl, But does he love her?
Having to calm her down with a sippy cup,
But there are no training wheel on this bumpy life,
By eating her life away with cake,
Playing with her dolls making them not perfect like her own,
Gone mad,
Beauty beating her up,
Crying when no one cam,
Eating cookies as she washes memories down with milk,
As a boy bossing her around with his ABC’s,
Her last friend Gingerbread man crumbled away,
Although her life a a miserable ball of crying she got through it how?

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