Melanie Marteniz

Oh where can I began to talk about Melanie Marteniz. She is an inspiring young woman that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Although she is a bit cookey and crazy she is still loved by many young girls. Here are some facts about her-

  1. When she proforms she doesn’t wear shoes she only will wear frilly socks because they are much more comfortable.
  2. She hates vegetables.
  3. She loves to collect 50’s and 60’s Valentine’s Day cards.
  4. She loves all things pastel, but prefers older pastels, mainly from the 50’s.
  5. Her birthday is April 28,1995.
  6. Her album CryBaby is inspired by the fantasy version of her.
  7. The character CryBaby (her album) is a story about a girl who deal with heartbreak and insanity

No matter what Melanie Martinez will always be one of my favorite artist.

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