Sephora/ Eye Shadow Rant!!/ Makeup Confidence

would call sephora a makeup beauty gurus magical wonderland where you can just get lost a never buy anything because its all so expensive and as a 12 year old you can go and buy much from there but it is just fun to explore the world you have entered.

Most of the I am testing out all of the fun cool products. But i just want to buy all of it but it is difficult to have to choose one. Also i am in there staring at the eyshadow palettes with it staring from dark shimmery colors to pale white shadow that like to contour the inner eye to make the eye look more awake an not so in your face, But those type of pale/nude colors are to make it be in your face and flashy but at the same time it does not. With shadow you have to blend because you will look like this is your first time using makeup or maybe it is but that is not the point I am shooting at. What i am trying to say is make it look neat but give it a tad smudge here and there so i looks more natural. If you just leave it as it is or don’t blend it will turn out different from the girl on your screen that looks amazing and made it look so easy to you looking in the mirror and thinking what happened, or you will be looking in the mirror and think ” Ohhhh girl who is that!” you want to be that second part, Right? exactly what i thought. SO USE A BLENDING BRUSH THEY ARE CHEAP AND USEFUL TRUST MEEEEEEEEE!

So get out there and show who is the Sephora/ Blending queen of this crazy makeup SFX worlds and show who boss. I think you can do that its not difficult if you try it. Little side note before for this post ends 1. Only buy palettes that have you favorite colors or dark to nude they will be more useful. 2. Don’t just buy a palette to have one or because its the craz i did that a i wasted my money because i didn’t like the colors in it. 3. check the colors before purchasing, you might end up not liking any of the colors as you arrive home and it will be a huge disappointment to you and your wallet. 4. if you don’t know what you are doing ask for help, even the biggest makeup artist in the world ask for help its not like they are gonna think you have no idea what makeup is, I am telling you they honestly don’t care the are glad that you asked because they have noting to do so rock it and don’t care about what others think because they have asked for help before why dose it matter if you are doing it and if anyone give you look as they know your new and they been there for a while, well you know what sashay along the store as the direct you on what you asked because then you will look confident in your own sassy way.

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