Future 7th graders

Oh you don’t know whats coming. There is a hurricane just sitting in a chair with your name on it that will bring you happiness and joy, Not. This year will probably be your hardest year yet.

You will defiantly have friends problems, cause everyone wants to act like they matter the most and they have to ignore their friends that they had for support for when ever they had a problem. Also academics are and issue. In science you have to learns about the body the trails/the earth space once again.¬†Oh 7th grade. You have basically changed my mind set to a whole new way. I don’t care what anyone thinks, you want to be mean to me GREAT I will absolutely love it. At first i will be very upset. Give me a day or two and i will laugh so hard about this whole situation, i will think that you are acting pathetic so i brush it off and i wont care. I’m telling you do that make them feel like a brat for ever teasing you. You will always win at the end, its great.Identity Crisis Rachel.Adams via Compfight

7th grade. Don’t panic its only 2 semesters of torture i’m sure you will get through it. I mean you already got through 6th so it cant be that bad for you. Well i cant speak for you we are all in different places in life so don’t beat yourself for messing up. You are going to mess up a whole lot.



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