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Future 7th graders

Oh you don’t know whats coming. There is a hurricane just sitting in a chair with your name on it that will bring you happiness and joy, Not. This year will probably be your hardest year yet.

You will defiantly have friends problems, cause everyone wants to act like they matter the most and they have to ignore their friends that they had for support for when ever they had a problem. Also academics are and issue. In science you have to learns about the body the trails/the earth space once again. Oh 7th grade. You have basically changed my mind set to a whole new way. I don’t care what anyone thinks, you want to be mean to me GREAT I will absolutely love it. At first i will be very upset. Give me a day or two and i will laugh so hard about this whole situation, i will think that you are acting pathetic so i brush it off and i wont care. I’m telling you do that make them feel like a brat for ever teasing you. You will always win at the end, its great.Identity Crisis Rachel.Adams via Compfight

7th grade. Don’t panic its only 2 semesters of torture i’m sure you will get through it. I mean you already got through 6th so it cant be that bad for you. Well i cant speak for you we are all in different places in life so don’t beat yourself for messing up. You are going to mess up a whole lot.



Swept Away

Swipe along you lid,
Mix and blend make it right,
Sweep with broad or gentle light,
Swept Away,
Swipe Swipe Swatch and fight,
Drag along the lines,
Make it pretty the look is fine,
Let it shine with the light,
Swept Away,
Perfection done with that section,
Swept Away,
The night is over,
Swipe away the powder,
Its done its time for the hour,
now time to sleep,
See you tomorrow where we will meet,
Swept Away
A story written by Emma Hodges, Done in English class.
This poem is about cosmetics especially eye-shadow and how the possibility are endless and how you can express your feelings with it.

Sephora/ Eye Shadow Rant!!/ Makeup Confidence

would call sephora a makeup beauty gurus magical wonderland where you can just get lost a never buy anything because its all so expensive and as a 12 year old you can go and buy much from there but it is just fun to explore the world you have entered.

Most of the I am testing out all of the fun cool products. But i just want to buy all of it but it is difficult to have to choose one. Also i am in there staring at the eyshadow palettes with it staring from dark shimmery colors to pale white shadow that like to contour the inner eye to make the eye look more awake an not so in your face, But those type of pale/nude colors are to make it be in your face and flashy but at the same time it does not. With shadow you have to blend because you will look like this is your first time using makeup or maybe it is but that is not the point I am shooting at. What i am trying to say is make it look neat but give it a tad smudge here and there so i looks more natural. If you just leave it as it is or don’t blend it will turn out different from the girl on your screen that looks amazing and made it look so easy to you looking in the mirror and thinking what happened, or you will be looking in the mirror and think ” Ohhhh girl who is that!” you want to be that second part, Right? exactly what i thought. SO USE A BLENDING BRUSH THEY ARE CHEAP AND USEFUL TRUST MEEEEEEEEE!

So get out there and show who is the Sephora/ Blending queen of this crazy makeup SFX worlds and show who boss. I think you can do that its not difficult if you try it. Little side note before for this post ends 1. Only buy palettes that have you favorite colors or dark to nude they will be more useful. 2. Don’t just buy a palette to have one or because its the craz i did that a i wasted my money because i didn’t like the colors in it. 3. check the colors before purchasing, you might end up not liking any of the colors as you arrive home and it will be a huge disappointment to you and your wallet. 4. if you don’t know what you are doing ask for help, even the biggest makeup artist in the world ask for help its not like they are gonna think you have no idea what makeup is, I am telling you they honestly don’t care the are glad that you asked because they have noting to do so rock it and don’t care about what others think because they have asked for help before why dose it matter if you are doing it and if anyone give you look as they know your new and they been there for a while, well you know what sashay along the store as the direct you on what you asked because then you will look confident in your own sassy way.


She has inspired,
Singing while crying,
Tears don’t hold Crybaby back,
The carousal has swung with emotion,
Playing tag with danger,
Snuggling with her teddy,
Or washing those lies with soap,
As her love is just considered a play date to him but not to her,
But as her love find a girl, But does he love her?
Having to calm her down with a sippy cup,
But there are no training wheel on this bumpy life,
By eating her life away with cake,
Playing with her dolls making them not perfect like her own,
Gone mad,
Beauty beating her up,
Crying when no one cam,
Eating cookies as she washes memories down with milk,
As a boy bossing her around with his ABC’s,
Her last friend Gingerbread man crumbled away,
Although her life a a miserable ball of crying she got through it how?

Melanie Marteniz

Oh where can I began to talk about Melanie Marteniz. She is an inspiring young woman that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Although she is a bit cookey and crazy she is still loved by many young girls. Here are some facts about her-

  1. When she proforms she doesn’t wear shoes she only will wear frilly socks because they are much more comfortable.
  2. She hates vegetables.
  3. She loves to collect 50’s and 60’s Valentine’s Day cards.
  4. She loves all things pastel, but prefers older pastels, mainly from the 50’s.
  5. Her birthday is April 28,1995.
  6. Her album CryBaby is inspired by the fantasy version of her.
  7. The character CryBaby (her album) is a story about a girl who deal with heartbreak and insanity

No matter what Melanie Martinez will always be one of my favorite artist.

The Beach

Blaring sun flashes your eyes,
Waves clash upon your presence,
Sand glares in the light,
People browning with there fair skin,
Gulls staring with temptation,
Pales wash up on the shore,
Children screaming with laughter,
Beach chairs burning your skin as you lay along them,
Boats rocking with joy,
Beach balls run away with flying colors,
Cooler sweat the night out,
Crabs digging for safety,
Dogs racing others to the end of the shore,

Girl On Old Boat In Vietnam Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

This is the wonderful place we call the beach.

I wrote this poem in English class.


Hurt Wrist

            As you know i am a current gymnast and you basically know that you will most likely get hurt. Its kinda like signing an agreement that you are going to hurt and be a little sore. Actually a lot of soreness

          I have had wrist problems for most of my life with doing dance and gymnastics. But this last practice was very hard on my wrist. We have been working on round off back handsprings and for some reason it is applying so much pressure that my  wrist muscle are starting to deteriorate.

But no matter how much I am hurting i will always love doing what i do and never give up on it. I know it might seem as if gymnastics is horrible and will always hurt you. But trust me you will have good days and bad days and when we have to write blogs my recent practice always turns out kinda iffy.


Gymnastics Hurts

For me gymnastics doesn’t always come easy. But with gymnastics takes pain to do you will always have knee, wrist, lower back, and neck problems all through out your gymnastic carrier.


As its know it is my favorite sport I thrive to succeed but as I tend to be weak I have pain. Which affects the thing I love to do a lot .  I usually am in a lot of pain while I am doing my backhand spring i get really dizzy and I feel as if I am going to throw up. This past class I was in the worst mood. I didn’t want to do anything, and I just wanted to leaving as I was feeling terrible, but I had to do it anyway.


So what ended up happening was I turn white as a ghost. Also all of my freinds told me I looked terrible. Lastly, I almost passed out as I entered my class was going upside down, which of course this happen to me. As we were conditioning for the day so we worked out and lifted heavy thing and went up side down so it was my lucky day.

Orchestra UIL Nightmare

I can’t even think about it. I was so terrified for me to have to play in front of a judge. For anyone it is scary to play a song, or sing one in front of people.


When I arrive to the end  of my orchestra career I see those front door that I have nightmares of just walking through them. Of course this one thing happen to me I was supposed to play exactly at 8:55,and guess what I had to play 10 minutes early because they had a spot open and I was like Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so nervous your hand get all sweaty and you feel as if your body is like an ice cube. At that very moment I was I was in an ice cube. When I saw those doors of nightmares I cried a little inside My mind but I have my sweet sister that I love so much (-_-) she pushes me through the door just to torches me. So I thought was going to see this mean old croaky lady but I saw a small petite woman that was very delightful and only told me that I need a bigger violin and I had done the wrong bowing way I was okay with it.


I know I might have seemed a little dramatic in the blog post but with me trying to go play for some one is my worst nightmare that just loves to poke me with its stick of humiliation every chance it gets. As you tell by now that I am not pleased with have to go in font of some one and play for them ;3.


Very Scary


Oh a Catastrophe

Learning Experience



The Power of Makeup

Ok I might seem a little to young to where so much makeup, but I don’t so don’t worry but what I do when I get home I usually do glam and gore makeup. So what that means is that when I’m am practiceing make up I will do this glam red carpet makeup but then make it into this disgusting gross deformed monster on my face.


When I am make like cuts or ripping skin I usually use liquid latex and I put to,et paper down or tissue paper usually. Also when playing with LL you need to be carful and you need to do a peat tern of LL or TP and or Tissues. To make your face broader when doing glam makeup you use a thing called contorting to make your face slim and broad.


I absolutely love makeup and making my own creations and let my mind go wild and let it do the thing for the best. also I can express myself because at school a lot of the time you can’t because you don’t want to get judged for acting a certainty way. So I would call makeup Glam/Gore and big part of my life






Up lifting