Advice For 7th Graders :)

First of all, don’t sign up for an elective you don’t know anything about. Here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Don’t do Latin, no matter how smart you are
  2. Spanish, too
  3. French, also
  4. Just don’t do a language
  5. Don’t challenge yourself in any class. Just stick with A’s in all your classes. Don’t risk a B in 8th grade math
  6. Do homework everywhere you can
  7. Don’t work in wildcat time. It makes your day depressing
  8. Don’t buy books at the book fair. You can find them on eBay for an eighth of them price;)
  9. Don’t use your iPad. It’s a waste of time.
  10. Try out for all teams so you feel special
  11. Make friends so your not a loner
  12. Nobody likes loners
  13. Sorry but it’s true
  14. Only have pencils in your pencil bag. All the other materials are a myth, your teacher can provide them
  15. These are all true


Coauthor: Josh

Summer :)


Summer is almost here, and I can’t wait!!!!! This summer is going to be very busy, as if life is running in fast forward. Filled with lots of amazing trips, fun camps, and going out with friends. Oh, and most important of all- SLEEP. I can’t wait for school to end and summer to begin.


This Is A Poem :)

By: Marilyn Singer

Hugging you takes some practice.
So I’ll start out with a cactus.

I picked this poem because it represents the saying,”short and sweet.” Even though it is only two lines long, it still makes you smile. It reminds me of my class pet when I was little, which was a hedgehog. I think poetry is better when the poems are short, so you can read them over and over again, and have a deeper understanding of them.

Busy Weeks :)

     Have you ever had a week, that just thinking about it makes you tired? Well, that’s me this week. Most of the things I have planned and have to do are enjoyable, but having them all back to back is very tiring.

     One of the most fun things I get to do is go to Six Flags all day Friday. I’m so excited about going with all my friends, and especially, skipping school. Something that I’m not looking forward to that much is my GT exhibition project is due Wednesday. Doing the project was so much fun, but I kept it off till the last few weeks, probably not the best idea.

     Even though it’s a busy week, it will still be fun spending it with my friends. 

Top 3 Places To Visit In Cayman Islands :)

Top 3 Places To Visit In Cayman Islands 🙂

Cayman Islands is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. There is so much wildlife and adventures to be had. Here are 10 amazing places that you have to visit!!! 

1.   7 Mile Beach

vaycay Philipp Richter via Compfight

The 7 mile beach is an extraordinary beach with pure white sand, crystal clear water, and amazing wildlife. It recently received the honor of The Caribbean’s Best Beach from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. If you’re ever visiting Grand Cayman, this is the place to go.

2.  Cayman Turtle Farm


Cayman Turtle Farm is a great place to visit if you like seeing and learning about incredible animals. As you walk around looking at the incredible turtles,  beautifully colored birds, and snappy alligators, you will notice many iguanas walking your same path. Feeling hot? You can always go for a swim or snorkeling with the magnificent turtles.

3. Sting Ray City 



Stingray City is a place you have to go to before you die. After you take a fun boat ride out to crystal clear waters, you will see millions of stingrays all waiting for you. Bring your squid and get ready to hold these kind and friendly creatures. If you enjoy sea life, this is the place for you!

I hope this was very informational for you and makes you want to visit the beautiful island of Grand Cayman!!!! 🙂





Track :)

Track, a sport based around running, is fun and difficult. I think that running can be really fun, but it takes a toll on your body. There are many things you can do in track. All of them are challenging, but track is an awesome sport.

Track isn’t all running, it also includes field events. These include long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, high jump, and pole vault. There are also many running events. You can run sprints, hurdles, relays, and long distance. All of these involve running fast, as if you were being chased by a cheetah.

Track meets are so much fun. I’m very proud of myself for running in these difficult events. Last meet I ran with the eighth graders in the 100 hurtles; I got third. At the very first meet, I got the fastest 7th grade 400 time from West Ridge. I was so proud of myself!!!! Track meets are a fun way to get exercise and spend time with your friends by cheering them on.

I think that everyone should try track at least once in their lives. Having coaches and teammates that cheer and support you helps you to push yourself even more. Also, track is a great way to get exercise.

Blogging :/

Blogging. Good or Bad? I’m not sure. At times, I think it’s fun to see what everyone else is writing, but other times when you don’t know what to write, it’s not much fun.

The thing I like most about blogging is when we get assignments telling us to look at and read other people’s work. I find that a lot more fun than writing because we get to see what our friends are writing. I also like commenting on other blogs too. I enjoy leaving comments showing the writer that their work was good.

The thing I dislike most about blogging is the writing. Writing can be fun, but when you don’t know what to write about is hard. This post and a few others came from not knowing what to write about. I think that sometimes the teacher should give a clear topic to write about for people who don’t know what to write. We could also write a bunch of topics in a hat, and have people pick one. This would help me a lot.

Overall, I’m still not sure how I feel about this yet, but as the year goes on I think I will like it more. 


School :|




lOts of diversity

Over the entire school YEAR!!!!


People have many different feelings about school. Some people absolutely hate it and can’t wait till it ends. Other people wake up and can’t wait to start off their day learning new things.

School for me is somewhere in the middle. I don’t mind learning and all the classes, but there are many things I don’t like about it too. I HATE having to wake up that early in the morning to spend many hours in a school, but it’s fun seeing all of my friends there.

School isn’t all that bad. You just have to enjoy the things that are good and stay away from the bad. What do you think about school? Are you happy or unhappy about spending your day at a school 5 days a week?


Girl Scout Cookies :)

There is a time every year when kids get ready, saving up every penny, for Girl Scout Cookies. Their cookies are amazing!!! I haven’t tried every cookie type they have but my absolute favorite type is their Tagalongs. There are 9 different types of cookies, but I am just going to do my top three picks. If you want to can click on “Girl Scout Cookies” to see all of their delicious flavors.

Tagalongs 🙂

These cookies are also sometimes known as Peanut Butter Patties. They are a crispy vanilla cookie with peanut butter that is covered in chocolate. Don’t worry you can still eat them if your vegan!

Thin Mints  🙂

These cookies are chocolate wafers dipped in chocolate. They are also vegan!

Samoa’s 🙂

These cookies are sometimes known as Caramel Delights. They are a crispy vanilla cookie topped with caramel, coconut sprinkles, and chocolate.

Spraining My Ankle :(

      The 7th grade girls basketball team was headed off to George Town for our tournament. Every thing was going great until our first game that night.

      I love playing basketball most of the time but this was definitely not a happy experience. We were in the fourth quarter when the other team shot the ball. We all jumped up to try to get the rebound. Unlucky me didn’t land how I expected to. I fell on my ankle twisted. Our team had the ball and everyone was running to the other end of the court. I tried to get up but I just couldn’t. The referee finally blew the whistle and I was helped off the court.

      I can’t wait for our next game to actually make it all the way through. At George Town I didn’t get to play at the next’s days game but I had fun watching.  


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