Books 📚

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve always loved books, to me it’s a way to escape the world. You can go wherever you want in a book, without even leaving the room.

Basketball 🏀


This is a UT Girls basketball game. I love playing basketball, and have been playing for almost 2 years now. It’s my favorite sport, and I hope to keep doing it in the future. I’m trying out for the WRMS basketball team in November.

If you want to learn more, go to this site.


Always & Forever, Lara Jean

I just finished reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean  by: Jenny Han. This book is the last book in a series of 3. The setting of this story is mostly at the high school and Lara Jean’s home, in Virginia. Lara Jean is a senior in high school, which so far, has gone pretty well for her.  She has a boyfriend named Peter, a job at the retirement home, her birthday is coming up, and she’s applying to The University of Virginia,  a school very close to home so she can be with Peter and her family. One thing you should know about Lara Jean is that she hates change. But what happens when all of her plans are ruined?  I really enjoyed this book and it’s series, and I recommend it. They also just let out a movie for it on Netflix, so go watch that too, it’s also very good. 🙃💓

Dogs 🙃🐶

Dogs have always been my favorite animal, because they are loyal and sweet. I’ve had 3 dogs in my life time, one Red Heeler (that passed away), one Boston Terrier (that also passed away), and my current dog, Pickles, who’s only a year old. I hope to have many dogs when I’m older.

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