Open letter To New Lacrosse Players

Open letter to new lacrosse players

If you have just decided to sign up for the best sport in the world; lacrosse. Then let me tell you some things you’ll need to know. First, don’t get the best equipment yet. You have to like the sport before you get all the good pads and sticks, because all the best stuff is the most expensive.

Second you have to work on stuff, like passing and catching, you need to play wall ball and that will improve your stick skills and passing and catching. Third you need to work on shooting and dodging if you want to be an offensive player. Fourth, you’ll want to have amazing footwork and hand coordination if you want to be a goalie or d-pole.



Tennis just recently started and im exited about it.

We practice every day and I like it a lot. We just had 2 recent matches, both which I barely lost. I played doubles both times and lost, but now I am going to play singles and win. My first match was at Westlake high school, I played with Jash. We were tied 3-3 in a doubles match, then they pulled away to 5-3. We came back and it was 4-5 us and we won that game and it cam to 5-5 all. It was 40-30 them and we lost that point and the match, it was a very hard point.

Are next match was against Lake Travis,  it was a very hot sunny day. I was already tired after warming up. I waited a very long time to play, and also found out who my doubles partner was. I was not exited when I found out who my doubles was, and I knew we were going to lose. We were warming up with our opponents, and I was looking pretty good but my partner was not. We started the match not so good but came back. Its was  4-2 us but my partner had a lot of bad shots. We lost 6-4.

We play Dripping Springs next and hope to play singles and win.

District Track

This track season has been very fun and hard, and we had worked and worked for this day and now it was finally here. We had already gone to a bunch of meets, but this was the most important, this was the district meet. I was very excited about district and the easy to compete.

Our coaches got us out of class way earlier than before because of district. We hoped on the bus and headed over to Dripping Springs High School. This was the first day of a 2 day track meet, all I had to run today was the 400 meter dash. So for most of the time before I had to run, I hung out under a big tree and played Clash Royale. When the time came to run, I calmed my nerves and knew I was time to focus. The guy said to get in our blocks, and said “runners take you’re mark… set…” And the shot the gun and we were off. I was running not as fast as I usually would, but this was just a qualifying race. I finished 4th in the rash which wasn’t very good, but hey I still qualified. I was the 8th seed (which is last place).

The second day I had to do a lot more stuff. My first thing was triple jump, my best jump was 31’1 feet and I didn’t qualify for the next round. My first race was the 800 meter run. He shot the gun mad I was off. For most of the race I was in 3rd, but in the last 200 meters I got passed, but in the last hundred meters I passed 2 people and got second in district. My next race was the 400 meter dash. Since I was the last seed I was in lane 8. When we started I was running pretty fast. When we were about 300 meters in I was in last place and in lane 8, so that wasn’t good. But in the last stretch I passed 2 people and got 6 place. My last race was the last event … The 4×4 relay. I was the first leg and finished second but had a bad hand off to the second leg which got us behind but ultimately finished 4th and got 3rd in district.

Overall I think that I and the team did I vapery nice job in district, and I can’t wait for next year .



Lacrosse; lacrosse is a sport with metal sticks and a plastic head with mesh. You hit kids and score goals, but thats a small part of the actual game. There’s so much more than just hitting and scoring goals. 

There is so much more to to lacrosse than just hitting people. For one your not aloud to just hit people, you can only stick check and some body checks. Some people think that they can whack people with there stick, but they can’t that’s a slash. You’ll get put in the penalty box, and you won’t be able to leave it unless the penalty times runs out or if the other team scores. There is also a none realese able penalty were no matter what you can’t leave unless the penalty time runs out. You also,aren’t just good, you have to practice throwing, cathing, shooting, and stick skills. There can be really good lacrosse players with amazing stick skills, and there are people with little stick skills who are big and just run people over.

So that’s why lacrosse isn’t just about hitting kids, and scoring goals.


Soccer is stupid

I think that there are many different ways that soccer is stupid.

My first reason is that it’s just boring. All they do is kick the ball, and if they miss they start crying. Plus It is apparently the most popular sport in the world.

My second reason is the flopping. I thing flopping is just a weak way to get the ball, and make yourself look super stupid. If someone flops in soccer I will probably not like that player.

And my third and final reason is the referee’s are super biased and weak. Also if someone flops the refs will be super biased to the person that flopped.

I think that soccer is wierd and stupid, I am never going to play it.

Super Bowl LI

I am very excited for Super Bowl LI, Its one of the most exciting times of the year.

The Atlanta Falcons, and the New England Patriots. It’s going to be a great game, and I have a feeling that the Falcons are going to win. The Patriots  may be the better team, but I think that Atlanta is going to beat them. The Patriots are 14-2 and the Falcons are 11-5, but that doesn’t mean that the Falcons can’t win.

The Patriots may have Tom Brady (QB), Julian Edleman (WR),Chris Hogan (WR), and LeGarette Blount (RB), but the Falcons are just as talented. They have Matt Ryan (QB), Devonta Freeman (RB), and Julio Jones (WR). I think that the Falcons are going to win because they haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 18 years(1999), and they are 1-1 at the Super Bowl. I think that the Falcons offence is going to destroy the Patriots defense, and hopefully the Falcons can handle the Patriots offence.

I’m hopping that the game is great at that the Falcons kill the Patriots.


This Christmas, I went skiing for the very first time. I went to Red River agian, but this time it was in snow. My family and I usually stop in Amarillo, Texas. But this year we stopped in Clayton, New Mexico. It started to snow in Clayton, and I knew that this was going to be an awesome trip.

When we got to Red River, it was covered in snow. I was so exited, but we had to learn to ski first. The next day my sister, my dad, and I all took a lesson. After the lesson I was ready to go on the big slope. It was hard at first, but when I got the hang of it, I was pretty good at it. Before I knew it my mom and I were going on the actual mountain. I was doing easy ”greens”, to steep ”Blues”, and even some parts of ”blacks” too. For a few days that’s really all we did. But on Christmas it was snowing super bad and we couldn’t ski, so we just hung out and had family time. We skied for 1 last day and it was amazing, I have never had so much fun in my life.

The day we left made me sad. I wanted to stay more but we couldn’t. It was really fun though, and I can not wait until we go back to ski agian.

The championship

The championship

It was November.
Fall lacrosse season started.
We were in the championship, playing an extremely difficult team.
And we were sort of small in numbers but we could still play.
I’m still pretty sure they brought older kids down to play us.
But our team was still really good, and had scored twice already.
But they were just too good for us every minute we would get scored on.
It was halftime, the air was freezing, we were determined to win.
In the end we were tied 8-8 with 2 minutes to go, I could barely feel my freezing legs.
But there was kid, a huge kid with gold helmet, and he was such a jerk.
I went for the rolling ground ball, and he pushed me in the back.
There was a penalty, when he walked off he said “stay down”.
And he also called me a midget, but to my most surprize his coach started laughing.
But in the end we won the championship.

Author’s note:
I was inspired by Tom Robert Shields. I hope that my readers gets a good understanding of my game and the things that happened it it.

Lake Tahoe

2 years ago my family and I when to Lake Tahoe, California for a lacrosse tournament. It is one of the most amazing places ever.

We started when we left for California. The plan was to get to San Francisco at 6 and get to Lake Tahoe at 9. But our flight got delayed for 6 hours and we finally got to San Francisco at 11 at night. Of course we had to find a hotel, which we did. And I finally went to sleep about 2. When I woke up the next morning I was overly exited to get to Lake Tahoe, but I knew it was along trip away. We hoped on a plane going east towards Lake Tahoe. On the plane I saw some pretty cool sights; I saw mountains, River, lakes, and deserts. And when we reached Reno, Nevada, our journey was still not yet over. Cause we still had to go to the “baggage claim”. And when we got our stuff we got a car and headed for Lake Tahoe.

We made it to Lake Tahoe and went to this little shopping center called ” the village”. The village was a very important place, because it was where we hung out in the morning before games and after we were done for the day.  The village had all sorts of shops and even a roller rink. The tournament started it was our first game, it was an easy game, and i scored twice. The score was 10-2. And then we were done for the day.

Our second day went alright and we played an amazing team called “Wolf Pack”. We sadly lost to them, but we dragged on as we played our last game of the day against 3D Arizona and obliterated them. The night was spent at the villages eating pizza with the whole team.i was ready to sleep that night praying that we would do good.

It was our last day and we were ready. We lost our first game to the best team I’ve ever paled in my whole life and it’s still that same team today. There name was advace or something like that like. Since we lost that game that meant that we would play for 3rd place against wolf pack and I wanted revenge against them. We got  annihilated in the first half  but we came back and almost won in the second half. The score was 5-6.

Even though we got 4th place I was still happy I hung out with friends at the village that night. Everyone else was leaving but my family, we stayed until that following Thursday. The rest of the time we hiked went to the lake and hung around. Lake Tahoe was great and I can’t wait to go back.


Photo by my dad


imageWhen I went to Hawaii it was one of the most amazing times of my life. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. Last year for spring break we went to Hawaii. 

Good morning my mom said to me as I walked up the stairs at 3 am, I was ready for the 11 hours of plain time for the day. I ate breakfast and got ready in a flash because our flight left at 6:50 am. On the plain going to California I saw some cool mountains and and the desert. 4 hours later  in San Francisco as we walked around the airport trying to find our boarding gate, and when we did we only had 10 minutes to get on the plain, I was like “oh no we only have ten minutes to get in the plain,” but everyone else was like “oh no were fine. ” But eventually we made it on the big plain heade toward the islands of Hawaii. 7 short hours later we make it to the beautiful island of Kauai. Already I knew that this was going to be one of the greatest trips I’ve ever taking. When we finally got to our condo we had an amazing view of the ocean. 

On day 1 we went to the beach and had a lot of fun, we went to a different beach every day but they all had cool Hawaiian names that I can’t pronounce. But on the second day we went surfing for the first time ever and it was so cool I could feel the waves and the wind rushing through my wet hair, I had never fel so more alive. On Tuesday it was my birthday, we went to a special beach with extraordinary sky’s and waters. But one of the best things that happened was that I got a ukulele which I’m still trying to get lessons on. On our last day at Hawaii we went ziplining over gigantic gorges, it was so fun, I had no idea that you could do that. The biggest zipline was King Kong it was 1200 feet across and 600 feet deep and I raced my mom on it but I sadly lost. 

Hawaii was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back.