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The Ocean

The ocean isolated the island slowly swallowing amd slowly dieing , the deep depression with no suppression , always repeating and never deleting  oceans depression with no progression.


Les Paul

This Is the vintage Gibson les Paul. The les Paul is a classic blues and classic rock guitar that sounds so clean it is my favorite guitar. In 1952 the les Paul was created by ted McCarter at the peak of his career and is now a world renounced guitar and loved by many.


Refugee is a book about three different time time periods Iraq war,nazis, and Cuba take over and they all go through hard ship to get there and it is all based over seas. Isabella is from the Cuban take over and she is escaping on a rickety boat to go to Florida and has “challeng the impossible and win” Jacob is a kind 13 year old and is escaping the Nazis after his dad was driven insane by the constraintion camps and fight for his family when his dad or mom can’t. Mahmoud is a strong independent boy the Afghanistan war after his house is blown up he has to get on a dinghy boat and go to Germany and shortly after he has to save his family after they crash

Mountain Biking

Me and my dad love to go mountain biking and my Dad and I went to a skills park over the weekend. I did a 6 foot drop a bunch of huge jumps but I went way to fast over a jump my brand new bike went in front of me and I landed on it the handle hit my leg and the chain scraped my stomach.