Hello and welcome to the blog where nobody cares. Today we’re going to be talking about drumroll please…. you already read the title…. school. It sucks but you should still go just like every other kid. Even though there are a lot of famous people who dropped out of college. For example, creators of Mac, WhatsApp too, Snapchat, YouTube as well. “Wait a minute. You’re just picking out people that turned out really successful and also dropped out of college.” You’re right random guy, a lot of people turned out really successful and went to college. So I’ll break the pattern. The person who created IKEA didn’t even go to school. The point of school is to prepare you for the “real world” to be honest you don’t need to know anything to go into the “real world”. You should still stay in school obviously! But there are some problems with it. For one, people are afraid for raising their hand because they think they’ll get the answer wrong and get bullied for it because everyone else says the question was easy. That much pressure shouldn’t be put on a child. Stress just by itself shouldn’t be put on a child. Which brings me to number two, why is there so much homework? I get that you want us to memorize all these math equations, history, and I also totally get that you want us to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements then throw it up on a test then never use it in real life, but that’s not learning, that’s telling a kid to look down at a paper for most of their life and hardly communicate with each other. Which again, brings me to my next point. Kids aren’t allowed to communicate with each other and are hardly allowed to help each other during class because they’re not allowed to talk to each other. Maybe for some classes you’re allowed to discuss the material but that’s it. School doesn’t teach you how to communicate or start conversations. Which to me is the most important skill someone can have. I asked Wikipedia what school is for and this is what I found: A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory. In these systems, students progress through a series of schools. I wish I could highlight what will transition into the next problem, but I’ll just say it. The key word in that sentence was Teaching of students under the direction of teachers. I found out a lot about school by researching it, and man this rabbit hole is deep! Schools were made to train kids to work in factories. Yes you read that right. Literal factories! Which explains a lot if you think about it. Kids sit in rows, nice and neat. Raise your hand if you want to speak, have a small break to eat, and compete to get an A. A letter that determines your rank agains other students. I know that things were bad back then, we all have our pasts, I myself am no Ghandi. But things have changed! We don’t want people who can name all the countries in Asia, we want creative people! Creative people that can communicate with others, creative people that make emotional connections with people. Who knows, maybe memorizing all of the countries of Asia will give the cure for Cancer. Oh my gosh this rant is getting too long. Tell me if you want a part two (trust me, I’ll do my work this time school)! Okay goodbye now.

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