ADHD and other things people say aren’t real

This has gotten to a point where this is a rant blog now. Okay so here we go! ADHD is real. Saying that ADHD isn’t real and claiming that  it’s just an opinion, is like me saying that anyone that watches movies is a psychopath, and then calling that an opinion. Your “opinion” goes against real facts that were scientifically proven. Okay now that we all know that ADHD is a real thing, I’m just going to say I have it and what it’s like to have it. Yes, I have ADHD, but I take a medication, so if you go to my school and have never gotten to know me personally, you would think I’m a quiet kid. Having ADHD is like having a mind that moves way  too fast, and then to take that and make it so you can’t focus unless you go into hyper focus which makes you focus so much that sometimes you won’t go to the bathroom. That’s not a superpower, it’s a focusing disability. Just in case you’re wondering. Yes, I love sudying mental illness. That doesn’t mean I love mental illnesses though. I hate them, they’re one of the worst things to happen to humanity. Another thing that isn’t related to ADHD at all but it’s still a real thing so I’m going to write about it. Why are people saying there are two genders? Do they think they’re smart by reading one biology book in 6th grade and saying some big words they don’t know? Because they don’t sound smart they sound like one of the dumbest people in the world by saying that. Gender is a social construct. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you look something up for once and use your resources. Personally, I’m sticking with three genders right now. Male, Female, and Hermaphrodites. Somehow I’m now transitioning this to people who transition. You guessed it transgender people! They go though a lot to transition so why don’t people respect them. *Cough cough* Sam *Cough* Collins *cough cough cough*.  And apparently the LGBTQ community is full of mentally insane people according to someone who has no relation to anyone in the community. I’m sorry I just can’t imagine thinking like that I just can’t. We’re moving on boys, we’re moving on. Aphantasia! If you don’t know what it is that makes sense. It’s a condition where you cannot see pictures in your head. You know what it looks like, but you can’t see it. The worst part about it is that you don’t know what looking at pictures in your head is like.  Also you can’t really get it tested unless you find a doctor that can see what you see in your head. If you do, please tell me. Finally I’m going to rant about something that’s real, but really annoys me when a person brags about it. Test anxiety. It sucks, sure, but when you say that it’s a rare disability then you need to stop right there and actually learn about it. A person I will not name said and I quote: “I’m good at everything except tests”. UM WHAT?? That’s not something you say to people. I have anxiety about everything, probably because I have Anxiety. Anyway, test anxiety is basically just anxiety but only before or during a test. So there’s nothing you can do about it except take a medication for it. You can’t cure it. You can help it. I understand that it’s a real thing, but it’s extremely common. I’m taking a wild guess on how many kids in my school have test anxiety. I’m going to say half or two thirds of the school have test anxiety. This isn’t a new thing. You aren’t the only one with this. If you don’t have a 504 about it, then it must not be that serious then. Alright this is long enough. Bye.

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