I’m so exited for Halloween, this year I really want to be Wonder Woman. She sounds really cool! I have already been Bat girl, Mario, The Mad Hatter, Ballerina, Witch, and A Vampire for 3 or 2 years because I couldn’t think of a costume!

I got the idea to be Wonder Woman from my Dad! He said that it would be fun! I can’t wait for the 31st! But I’m really sad that Halloweens on a Monday. But I’m still exited!! I Hope you have a very Spooky Halloween!!! BOO!!??

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I love Camping! It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m not busy with school and dance. I love waking up in the morning hearing all the sounds from the forest. When I unzip the tent and walk outside I see my brothers, Cole and Kevin sitting by the fire, wearing their hoodies like me and seeing there breath because It’s so cold. Once my Mom and Dad wake up we start making breakfast tacos and hot chocolate. We all eat together in our camping chairs, laughing and taking about the day ahead. That’s why I love camping so much but I don’t really like it when it’s hot because it’s not as fun because you can make a camp fire but your going to start sweating and it’s not fun. So that’s why we try to go camping in the winter or fall. I just realized that it’s starting to get cold!

Pixabay CC0
Pixabay CC0