The Woods

Dark, green, mysterious it was. Vicious animals roamed the night. The woods had creepy crawlers, all night every night. Nothing changes. It all stays the same, Every day every night.

Until he came out.

Slimy skin, slobbery mouth, great terrifying growl. Ate everything in its path. We hear shrieking from the souls he gobbled up. Everyone locks their doors. People get goosebumps, that’s how you know he’s here. It was a dark night when we heard him. No one dared go outside past dark.

That’s when he comes out.

He can jump, sprint, jog, fly, and even turn into different things. Anything to catch his prey. His fur was as dark as the night sky. Sharp Teeth moldy and yellow, about to turn blood red from his victim.  No one can see what’s coming.

He was coming, no one could stop him.


They call him the Moss Monster.