Summers almost here!!

Plus only 23 days untill my birthday!! I’m SO excited!! Last year my birthday was on the last day of school but now its not.

I have so many fun things I’m going to be doing!! At the beginning of summer I’ll be going to the big apple with my dance team!! It’s going to be so much fun!! Afterward I’ll be going to south padre! My family goes every year and this year they said I can bring a friend!! Then I’ll be going on my first cruise!! It’s going to be so cool!! I just hope I won’t get sea sick! After that I’ll be taking a lot of dance classes to get ready for the next year and finally… I will be going to my favorite over night camp EVER!!! It’s called…….. RIOT!!!!

Riot is soooo fun!! It’s a church and we go on charter buses about 4 hours away and the place where we. Go is awesome!! It has really good food, games, team building, swimming, zip lining, shops, and my best friends in the whole world!! We have a small group together!! We met last year at riot and came life long friends!! I have been going to riot for around 6 years and I’ve never met really close friends!! There amazing!!!

I’m so excited about summer I can hardly contain myself!! It’s so close I can almost grab it and jump into summer!! I gotta go… I have to start my packing list!!

Just the three of usCreative Commons License Matthias Ripp via Compfight