Theres a lot of stuff that happens at this time of the year. Birthdays, holidays, breaks, everything happens… but it can also be stressful too. These 2 weeks are going to be a full ride! Get ready to party!!

My oldest brother Cole is turning 17 on February 4! I think I’m more exited than he is!! He has his drivers license and my dad gave him his car! He’s been Driving me around for a while. He’s a really good driver! I like him driving me a lot because he turns the radio on, rolls down the window, and we talk about random things!!

For his birthday, he really wants an chocolate ice cream cake! Normally for my birthday, I’m the only one who gets one! But then my other brother got one and now Cole! Every year we get our cakes at Amy’s ice cream shop! But this year for Coles birthday I’m making him one! I know it’s going to be hard… but I’ve never made one but I know it’s going to be delicious!!

I have to get everything ready before his birthday (the 4th) the 3rd. I have another birthday party for one of my friends on his real birthday. It might be tough but I’ll just stay up all night till it gets done!! It’s going to be a surprise, my mom said to make the cake on his birthday… but it takes a while to make so he will totally know so I’m not going to do that!

I hope he doesn’t know!! I hope your all not as stressed out as me and have a great winter season!! Wish me luck!!