In 7 short days, I’ll be getting on a plane going to Salt Lake City!!

I go to Salt Lake City Utah every year with my family! I’ve been to almost every where in Europe: but my favorite place in the whole world is Utah.

I love the winter…and in Utah there’s always a fresh layer of white powdery snow!! Normally, when we get there we drive into the city and stop and this place called The Pie! They don’t actually serve pie there: they serve pizza!! They make there pizzas really big!! My cousin Daniel, my grandma and grandma, and some of my mom and dads friends families come with us every year, so we normally get one pizza to feed all of us — so that means its a pretty big pizza!– we always love going there when we come.

After the pie, when we are all really stuffed full of pizza… we get back in the rental car and drive farther into the city. My dad and my grandpa love stopping at a store and grabbing “adult sodas” before going to the condo. We also stop at the grocery store and get food for the week because we will be going in the mountains and it takes a while to get back down.

Later after the shopping… we are all finally ready to start driving it where we stay. It takes about an hour to get up the mountain, so we make sure we bring something to entertain us!! My dad always turns on the radio, but as we get farther up it starts getting staticky. We can always feel when the air starts getting thin when our ears start popping and feeling weird.

At last, we reach the condo. We check in in a different building that has a pool, hot tub, basketball, games, and food. After we have our keys we get back into the car one last time, and drive a little farther up the rode. Soon, we get to the condo. It looks like a big log cabin, we walk in, and we see 4 doors. Two upstairs and two downstairs. My grandparents, my cousin, and brother get one downstairs, my parents, my oldest brother, me and my friend Sarah get one upstairs and. Then my parents friends get another one upstairs.

Thats it!! We do that every year!! We do most of our time snow skiing and hanging out in the other building with games. I can’t wait untill those 7 days pass!!

'Winter Wildcamp' - Nantlle Ridge, Snowdonia Kris Williams via Compfight


I love to Dance.

I do all kinds of dance like jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary.

I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I eat, sleep and breath dance. If I have any injuries, its from dancing!!

I don’t want to be a professional dancer but I really want to do it in high school!! When I get to Westlake I’m going to try out for highline! My dad and I have been talking about it for a long time! We can’t wait till he can be out on the field with me for the daddy daughter dance!!

I dance at Synergy Dance Company. I love it there I have so many amazing friends there and great teachers!!

When I’m Dancing, I don’t think about what I’m having for dinner!! I the only thing I think about is tight core, pointing toes, and never stop squeezing your body!!

For me when I dance, it feels like I’m in a fairy tale just dancing like a sugar plum fairy!

I feel like I’m in a dream praying I will never wake up, but in this case never have the music stop.

I love to dance it gives me happiness!!

Find something you like and keep doing it!!

I hope you liked this post!!