I think homework takes up to much time. (Some of this is fiction)

Homework was started long ago in a land that students wanted more work so, the teacher gave them a lot of work to do at home.

Now, were here in the 20th century, and everyone HATES homework. Back then the teacher gave them extra work just because they didn’t have anything better to do, but now we have a lot of things to do. Here are a few examples…

First, Sports. Everybody loves sports, there’s so many different kinds of sports like soccer, football, tennis, cheerleading, swimming, dance, softball, golf and I could go on and on about sports! Everyone would rather be doing literally nothing than doing their math, science, history, Spanish, English, ANYTHING but boring terrible homework.

Next, Tutoring. We all sometimes get a bad grade on a test, quiz, learning check just some bad grade. Well I think a lot of us get help from people. It can be from brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, friends, parents, cousins anyone but that takes time. Yo might be only be working on 1 subject, but while your trying to focus and get better in science, your math binder is staring into your sole telling you that you have homework. Well… that’s when you stop focusing and you feel guilty but you weren’t doing anything bad, you were getting help with another class.

Lastly, What does it do?? You need to study I know that but doing homework isn’t the same thing as studying!! All you need to do is just look over your notes or do you quizlet.

Fingers crossed that soon there will be a new person that want to ban homework!!