I wrote this poem about my dogs I have! I Hope you enjoy it.

Dogs are a girl’s best friend
They love bones
They smile big
They run all day
Their fur soft but rough
Teeth sharp but dull
Their Eyes Amber but dark colored
As they run you can see their fat jump up and down
They play with their toys even when sad
They eat everyone’s food but we don’t mind
They bark at strangers when they find them suspicious

They love us no matter what
Dogs are a girl’s best friend
They cuddle when you’re sad
They cuddle when your happy
They’ll listen when you need to talk
They like being your doctors to give you the Medicine you to
laugh again
They play with you all day
Their smile sweet but dangerous
Their appetite big but picky
Dogs are a girl’s best friend
They slobber all over you when they’re happy
They can hear you from a mile away
Their with you when sad and happy
Their eyes twinkling with happiness
Their mouths dripping of water as they slurp it down
Dogs are a girl’s best friend
And how you know their time for bed,
When their eyelids can’t seem to open
And their mouths seem to close
You know it’s time for you to sleep and you crawl into bed,
they will jump up
And down
And never forget
To lick goodnight.


Author’s note: I was inspired to write about dogs because I have 2 dogs at home that I love very much and I recently lost one that I loved so much we got her when I was born. She was very close to be so I decided to write about her. I wanted to share my love for my amazing dogs. I wanted to show my readers that whatever pet it is… you can love it as much as I love my dogs.