The Beach

As I was laying down, I could hear the children splashing in the water. I could see the seagulls on the hot sand leaving footprints as they walk. I felt the cold, salty water splash against my face. I could smell the salt from the water from a mile away, waiting to sting my eyes.

The sun so bright and glittery in the sky, I couldn’t even see the waves.  I could see the sand crabs crawling out of their tiny holes, we named one Mr. Crabs.

Then the sky went dark, the clouds now grey instead of white. Then came the rain as it pours down onto the rainbow umbrellas. The thunder and lightning is out too. The wet sky pours down on everything from food, chairs, clothes.


Then we couldn’t hear the rain or thunder.

We heard the sound of laughter. people didn’t care anymore, they danced, they sang we celebrated life. We danced till the sun came up.

The next day we all sat outside drinking lemonade. I could still feel the children splashing and playing in the water. Or the cold but calm salty water down below.

And the seagulls still leaving tiny footprints in the sand.

That was the beach, you should come visit!


Rispond BeachCreative Commons License Neil Williamson via Compfight